Friday, July 17, 2009

Surfin' Swirl

Woo's Friday! And that means it's bead day around here.

Oh, who am I kidding, EVERY day is bead day around here (unless it's creepy spider day but I already did that this week).

And the beady waves are definitely high, today! I finally finished that bracelet I've been making SLOOOOWWW progress on all week.

So frustrating not to have a nice long chunk of beading time, but someone has to bring in the $$ for the mortgage payment and since I haven't sold a piece of jewelry since fall of LAST YEAR, well, that means a serious, money-making day job for me.
Darn it.

But hey, at least they let me bead on my lunch hour!

I tried some different set-ups with the photography this time instead of just laying the bracelet flat and I think I kind like them. What do YOU think?

The beads are from various bead artists on Etsy and eBay including Sue Beads.

A closeup of the clasp which I got from....ummmm....either Fusion Beads or Can't remember now, but I'm sure it's in my records (that's why I keep records after all so I don't haveta remember this stuff!)
And some deliciousosososososo new beads arrived in the mail this week:

These are from Blue Seraphim on Etsy. I like the kind of pebbly-organic shape.

And some great disks in matching colors to go with. You can tell it's quite obvious that I am not partial to ocean colors in any way whatsoever, right?
Yeah, that's what I thought.

Some of Summers Studio's AMAZING work:

I love the colors and the designs on these. They could fit right in as jewelry for the characters in some of the period novels I've been reading lately.

I couldn't decide between these two so I got both - just love these and can't wait to make something cool with them.
Probably not this weekend because I have to do my state sales tax return for the year (boo! hiss!) Then again, having no sales may have an upside as the return won't take as long LOL!

These are just so summery and fun. I was going to do earrings with them, but they're a little bit too different in real life so I'm thinking a couple of cute pendants with some leather cord and other beads and charms.

I loved the glaze color on these and especially couldn't resist when I realized that the pattern came from a seashell. She also very kindly agreed to make a matching pendant for me! Yay!
I also got some great new "beach-y" plastic and lucite beads (snails, clams, turbin shells, etc.) from The Beadin' Path. And yeah, I know, they're plastic, but so cute and colorful. I thought I'd either try wiring them to a base (like I've done with my "Memoire" designs) and kind of mimic the look of shells hugging onto rocks OR I could just wire-wrap 'em to a bracelet and have a really fun, summery cha-cha-cha-charm bracelet.
I was too lazy to take pics of 'em, but you can see 'em on Beadin' Path's website.
Okay, that's it. Happy Friday to all!


The Joy of Nesting said...

Sweet Pea this is serious!! No sales since last fall?? That will never do, well unless that's what you are secretly hoping for. If so then congratulations!!

But no sales, what about doing a show or two??? Visit with a couple of small trendy boutiques and offer them the chance to carry your pieces :)Your jewelry is creative, fun, and beautiful!! There is no reason why it shouldn't sell. Well that's if you get it where people can see it. :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Marie Cramp said...

I love the new beads and the bracelet is fabulous. I got that toggle you like at Beadazzled, there s a link on my website and I am pretty sure she still has some. If you go, tell her I sent you. We must have been shopping at the same time, I think I had a couple of those ceramic pieces in my cart and then they were gone!! lol. Oh well I got lots more :)


Ruth Trowbridge said...

I have drooled over your stuff for months, wishing like at a Christmas catalogue (am i dating myself?), thinking you must be selling like crazy. Funny thing about the net, you can know sooo much and still so little. Prayers for your success, it will certainly come with an inventory like yours! I like the first picture of the bracelet best. When I look at what you do, all time that must go into every eye pin, choosing the color and placement I am in awe. If you need an ally in a marketing campaigne don't forget me. Peace for all

mom23boys said...

Love the bracelet. Everything about it. And I really like the way you photographed it. May have to try that if you don't mind. . .

Silver Parrot said...

No, that was definitely NOT my intention. I've not had much luck with shows in the past - I tried several and didn't even make back the booth fees. Plus, it seemed like nearly every booth was jewelry so LOTS of competition. I keep making the rounds on the local boutiques, too, and not getting any interest. Some days I think *I'M* the only one who likes my jewelry LOL!

sharon said...

Beautiful bracelet!! I love looking at beady things, those Blue Seraphim beads are great!!! and I'm always a fan of LeAnn's work!

Silver Parrot said...

Marie - sorry about the "cross-shopping" LOL! And thanks for the compliment on the bracelet!

Silver Parrot said...

Ruralrose - thank for the kind words. I guess I was kinda having a "pity party" for myself LOL! I'm better now - it just gets frustrating sometimes. But yes, any help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated!

Silver Parrot said...

alf - I don't mind at all. Go for it!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I love the bracelet! I hope you get some sales soon - your work really deserves to be recognized!