Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday - Sanderling

Somewhere around September, 2015, I got very behind in reviewing, processing and filing my photos.  I'm determined to get caught up so this series of photos was taken around that time frame at one of my favorite local beaches:  Crystal Cove.

After taking part in survey Training for the Snow Plover survey, I learned that this bird, the Sanderling, is one of the birds that people often mistake for Snow Plovers.

Seen on their own, I see why as they appear so much smaller than the other common beach birds like Turnstones, etc.  However, once you see them in comparison to an actual Snowy, you realize that Sanderlings are quite a bit larger.

Also, they are much more gray/white where the Snowy's have a touch of light brown.

Both can have partial black shoulder marks...more or less defined depending on whether it's breeding season or not.

Some other key differences are behavioral...

...Sanderlings are more likely to be found running almost ceaselessly between the waves and the tide line on the beach.

When roosting in groups, Sanderlings require less "personal space" between birds than do Snowy's.

Everyone occasionally experiences itchy feathers, though.



Margaret Adamson said...

Marvellous series of shots of these gorgeous little waders

bettyl-NZ said...

What a delicate looking bird. How precious.

Adam Jones said...

Brilliant pictures. So close and sharp, of the little wader.

Anu said...

An interesting text and nice photos. Thank you.

Les Fous du Cap said...

Très belle proximité avec l'oiseau ;-)
Céline & Philippe