Monday, June 11, 2012

New Resin - Part I

Wow. I started writing this post TWO WHOLE WEEKS AGO. I remember being all proud of myself for getting some posts partially written and lined up so all I had to do was finish them and my blog would look all nice and current and stuff.

Little did I know that I was going to be suddenly working crazy hours, have a sick kid and an even sicker car and gee...this is what it feels like to lose a two week chunk outta my life and not have any real clear memory as to where it went or what exactly happened to it.

But back before all that happened, I'd uploaded all these nice pictures of new resin pieces and don'tcha wanna see what they look like?

I knew you did...

I made a point of selecting summertime images when I prepped this particular batch. These are all vintage seashell illustrations on script backgrounds. The beads are bayong wood.

Then it was time for some 70's inspired summer and surfer expressions. Sadly, some of the more interesting designs in this group didn't survive the resin process, but I still love this artwork. Makes me think of Op shirts and Dolphin shorts (and if you don't know what those are, this blog may be too old for you LOL)

These designs came from a set of vintage Hawaii travel posters and feature not only surfers, but a great view of Diamondhead as seen from Waikiki.

Next stop on the summer vacation tour - Paris!

During college, I spent one amazing summer living in Paris and it was one of the best times in my life. I would go back there in a heartbeat!

So, Paris-themed pieces are always going to resonate with me. Or maybe that should be res-I-nate ;-)

More Paris!

This is an older view of the balloon flying in the background!

Ahhh, Paris. It just makes you want to sing "Non, rien de rien. Non, je ne regretted rien..." (For those that have kids - if you see "Madagascar 3", this song has quite a scene in it LOL)

I love this collage with the Eiffel Tower, dragonflies, script and flowers.

From Paris, I stepped outside into the garde and grabbed not only these images of tulips and pansies from vintage floral catalogs and seed packets...

 these never-in-real-life truly fantastical florals.

And what's a garden without some butterflies? Since a previous experiment with square bezels with strangely and horribly wrong, I was excited to see that this round went differently and they all survived.

Maybe EVERY garden doesn't have a fairy, but I'm sure that certain special ones, way off in their most hidden corners, do.

As long as I've wandered into the realms of fantasy, I thought I'd throw in a Pegasus and a few unicorns just for good measure.

I've got lots more resin goodies in store including new designs and bezel shapes, but they all need a second pour to get that nicely domed top on them and as soon as I stop living La Vida Loca, I'll get right on that!


P.S. Monday is my birthday and I'm sorta kinda toyin' with a birthday sale in the ol' Etsy shops so watch for more news on that if I decide I can pull it off given my limited time to process/ship orders right now.