Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fall "Stringing" Blog Hop

Welcome to the first ever (at least, I think it's the first ever) "Stringing" magazine Blog Hop. A big group of the magazine's contributors have banded together to take you on a journey through the blog-o-sphere.

As you travel through the Blog Hop, you'll get to learn more about your favorite "Stringing" contributors, see more beads and jewelry (and what's not to love about THAT?), and even participate in a contest.

Here are the details on the contest:

1. There are three great prizes: a copy of the fall issue of "Stringing" magazine, a handmade porcelain pendant and coordinating beads by Gaea, and a small goodie pack of filigree, gemstones & other findings from Rings & Things.

2. How it works: Basically, leave one comment on one or more of the blogs and you will be entered into the random drawing. Each comment on a different designer's page is another chance to win. (Multiple comments on a single designer's page counts only as one chance to win.) Giveaway closes on the 23rd and winners will be announced the 24th.

3. More detailed explanation of the rules can be found on the Blog Hop organizer, Michelle Mach's, blog.

Now that you know a little bit more about the contest, here's some info about me (for those who don't already know me).

Back in 7th grade, I failed art. I know, you'd think it wouldn't be possible to fail an art class, but I managed to do it. Then, my parents stepped in and said "no more artsy fartsy stuff - it's ruining your GPA." They had the best of intentions (graduation, college, a good job), but it did kind of blight my image of myself as "artistic."

Skip forward about seven years and I was home on break and looking for something to do when I found this store that sold porcelain figurines that you could paint yourself. Well, it wouldn't affect my GPA and heck, it wasn't really "art" anyway...more like just being able to color inside the lines. So, I did that for a while.

Then came the whole t-shirt/sweatshirt/fabric paint craze - hey, I can trace an outline with a squeeze tube of paint. Again, not "art" - just tracing.

After that, a friend taught me how to cross stitch and I became obsessed with all different forms of needlework. Not "art" - color-by-numbers only with thread. Also, my first experience with beads - added a few as embellishment to stitched designs.

Later, I found "The Carol Duvall" show on TV - which introduced me to the wonderful world of rubber stamping. Wait - you mean all I have to do is color in designs that someone else already drew? I'm IN!

And then one day, a fellow stamping buddy mentioned this magazine called "Bead & Button" and adding beads to stamped designs as embellishments. We met for lunch and to try a beginner project at a bead store.

That was more than 10 years ago and I've never looked back. Along the way, I managed to aquire a kid, lose a husband, change jobs a couple of times, but making jewelry and playing with beads has remained a constant creative outlet for me. My bead stash has grown from a couple of small boxes to several multi-drawer towers, part of a bookcase and a dresser. It's possible that it's planning a coup to take over the rest of the house, but I'm not sure about that yet.

I've been thrilled to finally see some of my designs be published in "Bead Trends" in 2009, and now in "Stringing" - both the summer and fall issues - in 2010.

This issue features three of my designs:

"Turqoise Sari" earrings - inspired by the lovely colors and gold embroidery of Indian saris.

"Cliff's Nest" bracelet - this was inspired by a story I read about young boys climbing rocky cliffs to search for the nests of seabirds.

My last design is called "Bronze Lotus" and features a beautiful pendant cast in bronze clay and paired with Swarovski crystals and vintage glass beads. Pick up a copy of the Fall, 2010, issue of "Stringing" magazine to see it.

In addition to achieving my goal this year of being published, I have also opened up two shops on Etsy. One, SilverParrot, features my original jewelry designs. The other, BeResinable, has my handcrafted resin art beads and pendants for sale. Don't know what a resin art bead is? Here are a few of examples:

I try to keep this blog updated, fun and fresh. I have kind of a crazy life so you never know what ridiculous story you'll find here where I invite you to laugh with me and and follow my adventures (because if I don't laugh at all this insanity, I'd have to cry and I just hate when my mascara smears).

Every Friday I feature a delicious selection of "bead porn" to show off the ways in which my bead shopping addiction and my ever-growing bead stash have formed a partnership to take over first my house and then...the WORLD!

So, I'd love to have you along for the ride - click the "Follower" button and come join in the fun!

See below for the list of the rest of the "hop" participants - be sure to check them out and enjoy all the great beaded artwork they have to offer! Oh, and don't forget to leave comments for your chance to win the prizes mentioned above!

Thanks for visiting Silver Parrot!!

Kristy Abner

Kelly Angeley

Marianne Baxter

Ruby Bayan

Carrie Beckwith

Melanie Brooks

Gaea Cannaday

Lorelei Eurto

Amy Haftkowycz

Beth Hemmila

Tari Kahrs

Stephanie LaRosa

Michelle Mach

Denise Yezbak Moore

Kelly Morgan (you are here)

Sharon Palac

Anne Perry

Lisa Petrillo

Erin Prais-Hintz

Molly Schaller

Erin Strother

Heather Trudeau

Jennifer Judd Velasquez

Jennifer Zeiger


Nicki said...

I love your blog and follow it and read every post. You are fun, and I regret that we will probably never meet in person. The Stringing blog hop is a great idea and I will go and check out the other beaders. Thanks for sharing.

SummersStudio said...

I just looked at your beautiful designs in the issue stringing that came in the post. Thank you so much for making that little bronze lotus look so good. I think that your approach with the wired beads is perfect. Just the right amount of colour against all of the metals. Beautiful!

I LOVE color! said...

I will be the first to comment! Congrats on your publication.Thanks for the oppunity to enter the contest. I love the colors and designs of your rasinable beads Be Blessed

Kristen said...

I so love these pieces (subliminal message give me Cliff's Nest" right now) you are such a great artist!


Lorelei said...

Loved learning about your journey! I think your work is a great addition to the Stringing team! It's been great getting to know you this past year! you totally rock.

CreativeFlutter said...

Beautiful work!!! Love the mix of elements!! :)


Spirited Earth said...

love that blue bracelet.

Pearl and Pebble said...

Beautiful pieces! I love the braclet, the stone links are just fabulous!! I'm glad you found your creative self:)

Ľubaša said...

I went through your both etsy shops. I love mainly the last shown pendant in article (Fantasy Floral) but otehrs in the shop are great too. And in silver Parrot shop I love these GREAT Amazon Shield Earrings!!! unbelievable beautiful! thanks
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Menno Jeweler said...

I think that the "Bronze Lotus" is my favorite necklace in the magazine! It is beautiful and uses my favorite colors...blues and greens. Very nice work!

Gaea said...

Beautiful designs! I'm glad you didn't give up on your artistic side! Sometimes mom and dad are wrong!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Ok, how am I the first comment on this awesome post??? I love your story of how you failed art and your parents booted out art from you life to make sure a gpa was good. I sooooooo get that! I was very gpa oriented through my academic career (which lasted until I was 38!) LOL!

Glad you found your way back! Congratulations on being published!! Your work deserves it - it's always lovely and well designed! Love the blues and greens in the earrings! Your play on words with "be resinable" is HI-larious!

Ok, I'm going out to round everyone else up to read your post - cuz it's full of amazing and lovely beads and then I'll drag them all here after me. So anyone who posts after, is because of me! (wink - LOL!)

Copper Diem said...

Love the "backstory"!!

swopemelmel said...

Cliff's Nest is so pretty !! I noticed it on your ETSY just yesterday. I love your story about shore birds nesting in the cliffs. Wonderful. swopemelmel@aol.com

TesoriTrovati said...

I never miss hopping over here every chance I get. I love your sari earrings. They are so elegant but with a fresh color palette. And the story of the bracelet is cool. Congratulations on reaching your goal to be published. It feels good, doesn't it?
Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us every single day.
Enjoy the day!

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

I just love the colors in those earrings...I'm a sucker for anything evocative of saris :)

beadologist said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Beautiful pieces. I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

Kristy's Kreations Jewelry said...

Your earrings are just stunning!

BisqueBeadSupply said...

I love that bracelet! I would wear that for sure!

Anonymous said...

Oh, love your work. If I had to choose, your bracelet might be my fav, but OH are those earrings wonderful too! Congratulations!

Jen V. said...

I'm a follower because I can appreciate the crazy life...it makes me realize that I'm not the only one with more beads than normalcy around!!! haaaaaaaaaaa Always love your work. :)

EmandaJ said...

Love, your blog -- always makes me laugh! Love your design sense too. I just hate it that some stupid art teacher failed you -- you have an incredible color and design sense. I envy your stash.


CraftyHope said...

I love your story of how you progressed into 'art' So great!!

Janet said...

Youve made some really creative jewellery here! Congrats on your Submissions!

allykat said...

Your Cliff's Nest bracelet is so intriguing. I feel I need to get up close to inspect every charm and detail on it :-). Beautiful, beautiful work. And that pair of earrings is stunning.

Michelle Mach said...

Thank you for sharing your story of how you got started beading. I think it was a circular path for many of us and I'm sure lots of people will identify with your story.

I especially love your earrings with all the wire wrapping. Beautiful!

Thanks for joining the Stringing blog carnival. (And yes, it is the first one ever!)

maneki said...

Lovely designs and lovely colours.

Stephanie LaRosa said...

Lovely pieces! Your bracelet is one of my favorite from this issue!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I enjoyed reading your post and it was fun learning something about you!
Your work is fabulous & I am a new follower!

Alice said...

The earrings are gorgeous! I love the pairing of turquoise and green.

Klassy Joolz said...

Very pretty blue bracelet (Cliff's Nest) as well as your other pieces.
Great post.

gbkoru said...

I like all your pieces, but the earrings are my favorite. Beautiful!

Ellen said...

I like the colors you combined in the turquoise earrings. I often read your blog and find it quite funny. Thanks for sharing your work and inspiration.

Patti said...

Congratulations on being published! Thanks for sharing your journey... great pieces!

Deb said...

Wonderful pieces. Congratulations on being published!

Shaiha said...

I joined your blog for all the bead porn and this is the first time I have seen some of your finished work. Now I am totally hooked!