Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Divide and Conquer

I occasionally have a distressing tendency to take a good idea and run it way down deep into the ground. This can have tragic results such as overly fluffy bracelets or, even worse, a horriffic case of what I like to call "CNS" or "Conjoined Necklace Syndrome.

Y'know, that's when enough stuff gets dragged into one necklace to the point that when you really stand back and take a look at it, you realize that it should have been two necklaces. That's when you round up the team of experts and decide whether surgical separation is the way to go or not.

Disclaimer: Since I'm on a budget, the team of experts consists of, well, me. But I'm a Gemini so that helps.

For your review, I present the following case of "CNS."

It started off innocently enough. I'd heard lots of great things about the new "Industrial Chic" line at Michael's so I thought I'd go check it out. Turns out that most of it wasn't really my style, but I did manage to find a couple of items that I thought I could work with (since I made the trip down there, I was determined not to leave empty-handed):

Cute, right? And French. And sparkly. Some of my favorite things.

I thought I'd add in one of my resin beads that kind of continued the theme and maybe some of that supercool Swarovski studded chain I just bought at the Pasadena show.

So far, so good.

Then, I went into the bead stash and tried to pull more things to finish off the design...and that's where things went horribly, horribly wrong. I discovered that the down side to having a ginormous stash of amazing art beads from incredible artists is...you want to use them ALL.

Which is how this happened:

Because, seriously, who could say no to a gorgeous Lynn Davis Eiffel Tower done in pewter? Or a chestnut-patinated coin bead from Shannon LeVart?

Not me, apparently.

And not only could I not say no to those items, but I also couldn't weed out pearls, Czech glass, tiny copper Eiffel Tower dangles or sparkling crystal chain.

One of the worst cases of "CNS" I've seen in a while. Y'know...since the last time I went all Dr. Frankenstein with my bead stash.

Definitely time to operate. Just hope that everyone survives the procedure.

That Eiffel Tower component really deserved a necklace all its own. It was a littly tricky to work with because of the three-dimensional nature of the legs at the bottom, but putting the crystal chain there helped with that.

You can't see in the picture, but this piece just GLOWS - it has an incredible patina on it that gives it touches of coppery fire here and there.

And Shannon's bead got more of a place of honor, too.

I thought it was a little twee to have the small dangle be another Eiffel Tower on this necklace so I changed it out to this little flower and a small Czech glass rondelle.

GAWD, I so wish I was in Paris right now. Eating a chocolate crepe and "Riding on the metroooooooo..."

Oh, I did SO have to go there so shut it.

Also, if you don't get that reference...you are probably too young to be reading this blog. I may have to check your i.d.

I really have to get a bigger necklace bust for photographing longer necklaces - I couldn't get a decent picture of this one - it's quite a bit longer than my usual 18-20" comfort zone. No clasp needed because it fits over my head.

I'm wearing it at work today.

Because I love it.

But, I know what you're all wondering. Did the other necklace survive?

Why, yes. Yes, it did. And I believe it is MUCH happier now.

I kept the same centerpiece - my original idea of pairing the purchased component with one of my resin beads worked just fine.

I just simplified the one side by adding a single strand of larger chain along with a few dangles.

I love the sparkly chain from Kabela Designs. I want to marry it.

Look - I've been single for five years. Don't judge.

And, okay, yeah, so the extra Eiffel Tower on the back is still kinda twee...so sue me.

Bienvenue a Paris!

Au revoir, mes amies!



Do Be Do Bead Do said...

Ok, call me crazy but I loved it before the surgery... Nothing twee about the wee little Eiffel tower at all. Then I scrolled down and, well, really just love it all separated out like. Brava m'dear.

Elisabeth said...

Live the separated twins - love all the Eiffel tower charms!

Kristen said...

I'm crazy too but I have to admit surgery did produce an outstanding Gemini effect! Love them!

Mary Newton Designs said...

Tres bien, mon ami.

Diana P. said...

Love the two pieces after the re-do! They both look great.

Cynthia said...

Well now, the first necklace might, have been a little over-the-top, but the 2 resulting necklaces are quite successful!! Love them both. Those faceted blue stones are so yummy!

EmandaJ said...

You crack me up!! I'm a Gemini too, so that it explains it for me.


Marie Cramp said...

J'adore la transformation des deux colliers!! I think you were right in separating the two, and now you have two fantastic necklaces!

Pretty Things said...

Just lovely!