Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yeah...I got nuthin' today.

Except for an apology:

To my two contest winners - I'm sorry! I haven't forgotten you! Your prizes are coming. Really! I promise! I even have one of them halfway packaged up ;-) I just wanted them to be special and, well, sometimes special takes time.

Especially when you have to stop and run a whole Pokemon intervention thingamabob.

Oh, and speaking of the kid...we watched two awesome new ocean-related shows this week:

1. "Vampire From the Abyss" And yeah, I know, it sounds like a horror show, but it's really about something called vampirotoothus infernalis or "the vampire squid from hell." And no, I am not making that up. That is the actual name of this creature. It's dark red, had giant real eyes and also has two bioluminescent "spots" on top of it's head that it uses as "fake" eyes to fool predators. In addition to the regular squid appendages, it has these extra-thin, white "filaments" that it can extend out into the water thus extending its sensory range. A handy adaptation for the deep water where visibility is practically nil. Plus, it's got these two flapping fins on top of its head that help it hover in the water - kinda makes it look like the squid version of Dumbo.

2. Rats - I can't remember the name of the other one, but it was about octopi. These scientists did all kinds of interesting experiments to test the intelligence of the octopus (they have NINE brains ya know!) And, it's kinda freaky - they are REALLY smart. Like, human smart.

Anyway, if you get either the Science Channel or Planet Green, and you have kids who like this kind of thing, I highly recommend both these shows.

Let's see...what else?

I REALLY REALLY hope that Lauren wins on "So You Think You Can Dance." I think that Kent will ACTUALLY win, but I personally prefer Lauren. And I voted for her like a zillion times last night in the vain hope that MY internal 12-year-old will cancel out all those ACTUAL 12-year-olds out there who think they are in love with Kent.

What? The voting is free...

Oh, and I made some earrings:

Check out the spiffy new photography background! I am trying some new things.

Here's a closeup. The flower part is a hand-painted piece of filigree from PalomaAntigua on Etsy. I added a flatback crystal for the center, some crystal link components I found at Michael's, and some pearls and Czech glass. The only thing I don't like about this new background is that the pale colors of some of the beads kind of get lost against it.

So, I decided to try something with a little more contrast.

And here's one of my traditional backgrounds - the glass vase (y'know, the one that I never get to put flowes in...yeah, that one).

And then there's my tried and true background. If you guys knew what this really was, you would SOOOO laugh yourselves silly.

Tomorrow...BEAD PORN! (Is it wrong that I look forward to Fridays so much because I don't have to tax my worn out old brain for blog topics?)



Copper Diem said...

You mean Planet Green, home of my beloved Beekman boys? I'm in!

lunedreams said...

i've heard that about octopi! like there was this experiment at an aquarium, and an octopus was watching a dude or something in an adjacent tank put a goodie into a screw top canister. or take a goodie out. or maybe it was watching another octopus screwing the lid on/off. but ANYWAY, the voyeur octopus knew exactly what to do, from watching the show in the other tank, to get the lid off and get the goodie. or something. apparently that's an impressive thing amongst "lower" creatures. and especially fascinating considering they don't even live very long.

Tara P. said...

I like the vase and the traditional background. I always thought that was an old picnic table. No?

Mel Mel said...

Oh, now you must tell us because we NEED to laugh ourselves silly!! Those earrings are super cute.
I work in childcare and I feel your pain. All of this trading stuff has been a pain the backside since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out. Now it's these stupid Silly Bands. Our students have mostly stopped bringing junk to the center because we confiscate it and turn it over to their parents. Mel

chacha1 said...

I like the basket background a lot; you could always paint sections of it in different colors to better display your lovely work. :-)