Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh, Crap!

Y'know, I was determined that this week was going to go better than last week. Because, seriously, there was NO WAY it could possibly get worse, right? Right.

Then, I came out this morning to find that a bird had pooped on my windshield.

No, wait, let me rephrase that. A rather large bird took a dump on my windshield.

Nope, that's not it. I'm still not giving you quite the full experience of this particular incident of crapola. Let's try one more time, shall we?

Some sort of flying creature, possibly of extraterrestrial origins and definitely of gigantic size, had an anal explosion of epic proportions that obliterated the front windshield of my car.

I'm trying REALLY hard not to take it as an omen for the rest of the week.

So, let's look at some new resin beads instead...

I was so happy with how my "Sunflower Fields" necklace came out that I figured it couldn't hurt to make a few more sunflower beads.

Ah...the good old days...when you could get a whole bottle of cologne for 10 cents.

Or, five cents if you were on a budget.

Of course, I have to wonder what it smelled probably couldn't expect much for a nickel.

How about some vintage French travel posters as beads? I got a whole bunch of these designs for various French cities and attractions, but I had to make this one first. Ever since I spent a lost weekend in Deauville with a 6'2", blue-eyed, black-haired French guy named Stephan, I've had a soft spot for that city. Plus...BEST SEAFOOD EVAH! Seriously. The restaurants are built to back onto the docks - the boats pull up and unload at the back door and the food comes out on your plate minutes later.

So, to recap - amazing food and a hot French guy. Yeah, I'd revisit that weekend in a heartbeat.

Sometimes, Blogger likes to turn my pictures sideways for no apparent reason that I can detect. Usually, I fight it, but today...I give up. Just tilt your head sideways and it will all make sense.

This is a similar set of beads to the ones I used in my "Painted Desert" necklace (if you click the link, scroll way down to see it). I love the colors and since this isn't just regular paper, but something special, I have to go through several processes to get it ready to be resined so it takes more work than my other items. I think the results are worth it, though.

Now this? Is regular scrapbook paper...with a crystal.

Same idea - but the paper came already glittered so it has some sparkle to it. And I do love the sparkle.

The colors are much brighter and prettier than they appear in the photos.

I'm sure it's completely the wrong time of year for tulips, but I thought they were so pretty. I just had to use this design.

Another sunflower - but a completely different style and shape.

I love these designs - they always look like some kind of nebula or space debris or something. This one has shades of red and hot pink with a white hot sun (pearl) as the center.

This mermaid is checkin' herself in the mirror before she swims off for a hot date ;-) Maybe she'll notice that she forgot to wear a shirt...or at least grab a pair of coconut halves or clamshells.

I don't know why you would ride a seahorse when you already have a tail of your own, but these two are making it look stylish at least. And, one of 'em remembered to bring along the tunes

Out of the three, I like this mermaid the best. Love the long, flowing hair with all the flowers in it.

And, it wouldn't be complete without at least one fairy. She definitely looks Winter Court to me.

I'll start listing these tonight on Etsy - with the exception of the fairy because she's already been mailed out.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and that your windshields did better today than mine did.



SueBeads said...

Hey, I have a French guy story too! Who knew we had so much in common!?!?!? Love the new pieces! Love the square sunflower pendant, and the "special paper" ones!

Julianna Cannon said...

Isn't it GOOD luck for a bird to crap on you? Maybe you should be buying a lottery ticket and driving around with it in the car all week. :D

Wonderful resin work, lady!

Jenners said...

Thank you so much for showing your lovely beads and NOT the poop of epic proportions on your windshield!

Marie Cramp said...

OMGosh!! I just about peed myself I was laughing so hard!! Wishing you had actually taken a picture of that!! I am having a hard time imagining it! LMAO!! Even my hubby thought it was funny as I am trying not to laugh when I read it to him!!
Great beads! Have a better day tomorrow!

Barbara Lewis said...

Kelly, I gave my daughter the "L" pendant last week when I was visiting her. SHE LOVED IT! I meant to take a picture so you could see it. She was saying how much it reminded her of the Alice in Wonderland movie. Your resin work is spectacular ... even though your photos are great, they don't do your work justice!

Kristen said...

No French guy story for me but I love the new resin! The sunflowers are my favorite!
I am hoping the windshield explosion is a sign that the worst is over. Let me know!


mairedodd said...

treat yourself to the car wash - and believe that you got the crap out of the way early this week! xo