Monday, August 03, 2009

The Morning After

Is it possible to have a bead hangover? I think it must be given how I felt on Sunday morning when I woke up after attending the Pasadena Bead Show the day before. My head ached, my legs were stiff and my back felt like I’d been dragged 20 miles behind a truck on a dirt road.

Or maybe this is just what it feels like when you “come down” after a really good bead fix? I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m jonesin’ for more, but in the meantime, Saturday was a blast.

Not only was it great to see a wide variety of vendors that I haven’t seen before (the local Costa Mesa show that happens every few months is the same vendors over and over), but nearly all of them were offering great deals such as $10 a strand for coin pearls or 25-50% off entire orders because of my wholesale license with NO minimum order! Usually there’s such a high minimum order (like $500-1000 which is just INSANE) that my license doesn’t do me any good other than getting me out of paying sales tax.

This time, even skipping the sales tax was a big help because this show was in a different county than where I live and their sales tax is a whopping 9.25%! Yikes! SO glad I remembered to take my license with me.

Another highlight of the show was getting to meet Deb, who is a regular reader/commenter here. Hi, Deb! Although our meeting was quick, it was so great to put a face with one of the names I see around here frequently and hopefully, I didn’t make too much of a dork out of myself.

Okay, now on to the real reason you’re all here. Photos of my show treasures! Oh, and I did a MAJOR job of supporting the economy so you might want to go ahead and take a potty break, grab a cup of your favorite beverage (I’ll be having a Diet Coke) and/or a snack and settle in for a while. This will be lengthy (right, like I’m known for my brevity around here)…

Go ahead. I’ll wait. Really.

Before I went to the show, I made a list of the vendors and items that were “musts” for me because otherwise I knew I’d get distracted at the first booth by something shiny and drop all my money before I got a chance to really look around. One of the things on my lists was clasps. I’m running really low on cool, interesting clasps in both silver and gold.

Fortunately, this vendor had what I needed.

They were Angel something-or-other. I want to say Angel’s Wings, but I just can’t remember, darn it. They had some great clasps and other cool charms and components.

And they also had these awesome laser-engraved wood pieces. I’ve seen the plain ones before, but this is the first time I’ve seen these silvered-looking ones. I had to have some.

More silver charms from Forever Silver. I’m on an ocean and birds kick lately so these pieces were perfect.

Remember my orange and purple starfish picture?

How perfect are these beautiful boro glass starfish from Sonoran Beads?

Then I found this great Czech glass vendor who gave me a 50% off discount on everything:

So, I got some great daggers.

And the new colors of faceted Czech rondelles that look like various stones and make such amazing filler beads – I just had to get some.

Then I found this amazing button vendor and just fell in love with these buttons. I thought they’d make great clasps (as part of a loop-and-clasp finish) or work as charms or pendants or whatever. I especially liked the bird-themed ones since I’m sort of putting together a bird-themed piece right now. The bright red/aqua one I got just because I liked the color combo.

Coin pearls. Who doesn’t love coin pearls? I had a hard time deciding which colors to get so went with my standard blue and green favorites.

Then I went nuts at this stone vendor who had strands for $5-6 each:

I just loved the range of pinks on these strands. And yeah, I know, they’re dyed, but still so pretty.

Okay, this strand just made me happy. Don’t you just want to eat them?

Now, the jury is out on this strand. They are either the ugliest beads I’ve ever bought or the coolest. My initial reaction was “ugly.” But then I started to really look at the variety of sizes on the strand and the color variations and possibilities started to pop into my head. I went and had lunch and couldn’t stop thinking about them so I figured I better go back and get them. And for $5 a strand – how can you really go wrong? According to the vendor, they are dyed magnesite (whatever the heck that is).

Just for fun, I’m going to set up a poll over there ------------ > and you can vote on what you think about them.

Oh, and remember those awesome spiderweb carnelian beads I got from the Rings 'N Things show?

A vendor at Pasadena has similar stuff, but in a much deeper color combination that I just fell in love with. Now I have sort of a summer and a winter version!

And now, the REALLY good stuff!

C-Koop makes the most amazing enamel beads, toggles, pendants and various other doo-dads.

I just love that new "cone" shape at the top. I got several of those - some in pairs to make earrings and some single ones like this one to use as a pendant.

I loved these little rings of "fragment" shapes. I think they'll be really fun to design with.

And this toggle is just yumminess personified, don't you think?

I’ve seen this vendor’s stuff on-line before, but honestly, I got so overwhelmed by the choices on the website that I couldn’t make up my mind and ended up not buying anything. Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for being able to fondle…er…touch the beads.

That purple rectangular focal was literally the first thing I saw on her table. And then when I realized that there were additional beads that MATCHED (you know how I love the matchy-matchiness), I was in heaven.

Then I saw this set. Which had…a MATCHING TOGGLE! And MATCHING DISK BEADS!

I might’ve lost consciousness there for a second.

And this set which also had a matching toggle.

I wasn’t in matchy-matchy heaven…no, I was in matchy-matchy NIRVANA!

Oh, she had such gorgeous stuff. I seriously could have bought one of every set there. I almost cried when I had to force myself to put some stuff back.

Because I hadn’t yet been to the Green Girl booth. Which was my #1 MUST VISIT booth.

And boy did I lose my mind there (and only partially due to the WAY cute guy manning the booth).

I bought this stuff.

And then I went back after lunch and bought more

And then I realized they had copper and bronze (but somebody had already bought the last bronze mermaid coin dammit! so I settled for the bird) and had to buy that.

Whew! Okay, my head is spinning. This may be why I ended up with a hangover, LOL! No one can accuse me of not doing my part to support the economy. But, I probably won’t have as much to post around here for a while until my debit card cools off enough to be used again. Guess I better sit my butt down and actually MAKE some stuff!


P.S. Why is it that I can do all of that and then come home to realize I can’t finish my current “in progress” project because I am out of stupid copper headpins? WHY?
P.P.S. Don't forget to vote in the cute/ugly bead poll!


Katie said...

Whew! You did a lot of damage with the bead shopping! I hope I can run into some good deals when I am in Philly! Love the toggles that you got - and the Green Girl Studios beads! The matchy-matchy beads are cool - but I would probably end up splitting them between projects because it would be too matchy-matchy for me :o) but, if we all thought the same, then our jewelry would all look the same - and where's the fun in that!

And kudos on doing such a great job on stimulating the economy! I will be implementing the Katie stimulus package in a couple of weeks :o) (my hubby said "good luck" when I mentioned coming up with a shopping budget...)

sandileejames said...

I was there on Saturday and feel the same way you do. I have yet to photograph all of my sparkly lovelies. Did you see that new Red Velvet Quartz (which I am sure is some sort of glass, but who cares?)? I stopped in a classroom to have a chat with my pal, Christi Freisen and then had to walk around the whole dang show again. I even went back on Sunday. Yummy. It's funny, I read your blog every day and knew you were there, but had no clue who to look for to say hi. Anyways, glad you had fun -- see you next year!

Sonia ;) said...

I love the ugly beads....and the birds, and mermaids towards the bottom are were one busy shopper...whew made me tired..

Sonia ;)

Kristen said...

Wow you got some really great stuff! Have fun designing with all of those goodies. They'll keep you busy for a while! :)

dochoamom said...

OMG I'm famous !!!!!

I too had the "hangover" no energy yesterday... I think it has to do with all the energy and excitement and you know those stones give of lots of energy... its draining.. you kind of overload...

So KJ... we finally met. Next time if you want to come on up again we can go together. Or all of us.. Hi was it Leah? I didn't support the economy near as much as you did... as I had signed up the day before for some classes locally... I wanted to take my friend Delicia who had not gone before... But I go everytime... We got there late and had to leave. I thought about going back on Sunday... Did you see those beaded rings from Pico & Salsas booth... I bought 4 !! the price was great and it supports the cottage industry of Indonnesia (spelling)... anyway.. Book writer here... Had fun... send me your email address...

Love, Deb

sharon said...

Have you lost your mind????!!!! I mean that in a good way of course!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Love the bird pendant, and the spiderweb stones, and the daggers, and the.....

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh the best laid plans, KJ!
I went to Bead & Button this year for the Expo for the first time. And everyone told me that I wouldn't make it past the first aisle (and if Heather Powers hadn't been my guide I might not have!) But I declared over and over again that I was there to buy art...not strands of beads...not And that it exactly what I did. But like you I think my bead hangover is still going on because all those artist beads have paralyzed me! I want to do them justice, but I am second guessing what that should be! I just have to DO IT already! Thanks for sharing. Great finds! And if you lived in my area I would so be there to hunt the best of the best with you and make sure that the Bead Czar title is ours! Support the! *wink*
Enjoy the day!

Kaos Siberians said...

And here I was, 40 minutes away from Pasadena with nothing to do. I suppose the crutch might have been a real pain at a bead show though....but I could have cleared paths with it!

Marbella Designs said...

oh my, i'm so jealous :) what great finds! i love the enameled pieces. can't wait to see what you make

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

What a haul!! So much inspiration there to spark your upcoming projects! How was attendance looking at the show? Pretty busy overall? Oh, the magnesite beads are actually very cool in a wackadoo sort of way. I think if you split them up with more neutral supporting beads they will be awesome!!

Dave Robertson said...

In that dyed magnesite, I'm seeing some shades that are new to me, so I think it's great stuff, very vibrant. Thumbs up :)

Fantastic selection of beads overall. What a haul!


rockcreekcreations said...

OMG! I started thinking about what to comment on the first photo, then the second, then the third, etc....And finally realized that ALL your choices were wonderful! How fun that would have been!!

Silver Parrot said...

Katie - glad you liked my stuff and yes, I do plan to split up the lampwork between several projects. Oh yeah, I had a budget, too. It lasted until I found the ATM machine outside the hotel at lunch time LOL!

Silver Parrot said...

Sandilee - yes, my friend bought some of the red velvet. We had a good laugh seeing it at several different booths and it had a different name AND different price at each booth. She got hers for $5 a strand, but we saw a booth selling it for $28 a strand! I think it's faceted Czech glass.

Silver Parrot said...

Sonia - thanks for the comment!

Silver Parrot said...

Deb - It was so great to meet you. Hopefully, next time, I will have more time to hang out. I missed the beaded rings, but considering how much stuff I bought, that's probably a good thing LOL!

Silver Parrot said...

Sharon - Yes, I have. No doubt about it LOL!

Silver Parrot said...

Erin - my fellow bead Czar (or, I guess in our cases it should be Czarina, right?) I have the same "paralysis" issue with art beads. They're so beautiful all by themselves they can make you afraid to "mess them up", I think. Maybe we'll have to do some kind of challenge or swap with each other to get our creative vibes flowing LOL!

Silver Parrot said...

Sparkle - Sorry to hear about the crutch! Get well soon and maybe we can hit the August Costa Mesa show together!

Silver Parrot said...

Mellisa - the show seemed pretty busy to me, but then I haven't been to it before so have nothing to compare it to. I haven't seen much drop-off in the other show that I go to regularly. Seems like the economy is not affecting the "need to bead" LOL! I guess we have to have something to cheer ourselves up with. And yes - I do plan to split up the "wackadoo" beads as you called them. I was picturing the smaller ones as spacer beads and the large disks as singletons.

Silver Parrot said...

Thanks, everyone, for all the comments! Glad you enjoyed my haul.

Debbie / Prairie Emporium said...

You got some really great stuff!!!
I voted on the magnesite, I would buy 2 strands. I made two sets out of it and have sold all plus a special order. I will add a link to my flickr and you can see what I did.