Friday, August 07, 2009

Make with the eye candy already!

Friday is eye candy day around here and fortunately, I got some packages in the mail yesterday just in time!

All summer I've been seeing these awesome sea urchins from Humblebeads and I just had to have one. I tried to buy one on Etsy TWICE and both times had someone else steal 'em right outta my cart before I could complete the transaction. But, third time's the charm and I finally got my sea urchin bead and Heather threw in a little extra starfish charm with it. So cute!

Gorgeous chain from Patina Queen on Etsy.

Clasps and earwires to match the chain - because I am all about the matching!

Two sizes of jump rings - also with the matchingness.

More items for my "bird-related" project(s).

And I fell in love with this sand dollar. Just LOOK at that color - doesn't it look like it's been rescued from a sunken Spanish galleon? I'm just crazy about stuff like that!

These dragonflies were just too cute for words. Love the color. She has 'em in pink and white, too, and I could've bought those just as easily. In fact, I may still do that LOL!

And I couldn't buy the kids without buying the "big momma", too. Can't wait to dream up a design for these. I'm thinking pearls are going to be "de rigeur."

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm taking the kid to an intro to Tae Kwon Do in the morning - that oughta be interesting. I hope he likes it, though. Maybe I can get him to take out his more, um, destructive tendencies in the class instead of on the house.

Or the school - apparently, he tried to take a screen of the window of his classroom earlier this week. When I asked him why, he told me that he was checking to make sure everyone could get out in case there was a fire.

Kinda hard to get mad at him after hearing that LOL!

See you on Monday!



dochoamom said...

Thats a good one... fire drill... have a great weekend and thanks for the eye candy...


SueBeads said...

Beat diet?

BTW, my son is 11 and he is a black belt in Tang su do which is a kind of tae kwan do - he's been doing it since he was 5 - and it's great for him! Have fun