Friday, August 14, 2009

But I don't WANT to get up early...

Yay! It’s beady eye candy day! And also Friday – which I would normally be excited about because it would mean that tomorrow morning I get to sleep in.

But not this week.

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up at some godawful-painful-dark-and-irritating time in the morning so that I can take my son on a Cub Scout fishing trip.

Where I get to do fun things like stick chicken livers on hooks.

I’m sorry, but, one should NOT have to deal with chicken livers when it’s still dark out.

Actually, one shouldn’t ever have to deal with chicken livers at any time, but apparently, they make good bait.

Oh, and that reminds me, I’m supposed to stop by Lowe’s tonight and get myself a pair of heavy gloves because apparently, we are going to catch catfish…which have spines that will stick you when you try to unhook them and release them.

Whatever happened to nice, friendly bass or trout? No, we have to catch dangerous, poky, spiney catfish.

All I can say is this kid BETTER come visit me in the home in 30 years when I’m all drooling and decrepit and stuff. Come to think of it, he better pay to put me in the Taj Mahal of Homes for the Drooling and Decrepit.

If I have to get up in the dark on a Saturday and handle chicken livers and poky fish, I better rack up some credit, dammit.

(Can you tell I’m REALLY STOKED about having to get up early tomorrow? LOL!)

Okay, on to the beady stuff.

Here’s the really ugly bracelet I promised you:

Wood, copper chain, links, and wire, coral shell beads, peach flowers, and turquoise glass beads. I named this piece “Canyon Road” after the famous street of art galleries in Santa Fe. I was hoping that maybe the spiffy name would make me like the design more, but I don’t think it worked.

And yes, I’m making you look at this thing first BEFORE the eye candy because I know how you fickle blog readers are – if I post the eye candy first, you’ll look at it and leave before you have to look at this monstrosity. I know how you roll.

Closeup view – I keep thinking that wood bead needs something on it. Like a design or something. If I was really talented, I could paint or etch something into it. But I’m not that talented.

Copper lobster claw clasp.

Here’s another view of the whole thing. Hey, I warned you yesterday that the Muse came back nursing a bad hangover…and this is the result.

Okay, on to the eye candy:

This beautiful set of beads came from The Orange Bell on Etsy. And yes, I bought them way back before the “Bead Diet.” There was a bit of a mix-up as apparently, this set had already been sold to someone else so the nice folks at The Orange Bell did their best to recreate it for me and even added in some extras so what I got is not EXACTLY like this picture, but is actually BETTER.

I loved the muted, beachy colors and yeah, I know, it’s getting late in the season for beachy stuff, but I don’t care. This set sort of reminded me of what it’s like at the beach AFTER the summer is over but before fall/winter really sets in. The tourists are gone, it’s not quite as hot so the colors are more muted and you can go for a nice serene walk on the beach by yourself.

Then I got these wood coins – used one of ‘em in the bracelet posted above.

Stick pearls.

I'm totally in love with stick pearls lately for some unknown reason.

Then I found Cathy Dailey's site on Etsy:

Got some great oxidized silver chain.

Two sets of these links - which she recommends for earrings, but I think I might try them in a bracelet if that stupid Muse ever decides to quit partying and cooperate for a while.

I've also had a couple of multi-strand designs on hold waiting for me to find some new silver cones.

I especially like the sort of "free form" one that looks like it was just pinched together by hand (which it probably was).

Lastly, I got this great toggle bar. A month or so ago, I bought a beautiful blue porcelain "ring" from Round Rabbit and I wanted to use it as the clasp/focal of a necklace. Just needed a toggle bar to go with it and am hoping this will work.

That’s about it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Dawno said...

I don't think it's an ugly bracelet at all - but I agree that the wood disk needs 'something'. How about finding a really pretty stamp and stamping a design on it with a metallic ink?

Love your eye candy - the silverwork is particularly wonderful!

TesoriTrovati said...

Hmmmm....I would say that that bracelet is....flat. The colors are flat so it lacks dimension. But the design is actually pleasing to my eye, Kelly. And as for that wood disc? How about adding some stamps with embossing powder and a heat a white or a frosted color or an iridescent blue...Maybe swap out a few beads and you will have a winner! I love the stick pearls. Pearls are my very favorite. They are the only gem that comes ready made from Momma Nature. I love 'em. (And they are my sorority jewel so I guess I have to love them!) Try to Enjoy the fishing day! Erin

sharon said...

Your eye candy is always the best!! Love the glass beads, stick pearls, silver, aaaaaaa, everything!
Your bracelet is not so bad, probably needs a little of something, put it away and out of sight for a while and when you find it again you will be surprised how you look at it!
I feel for ya with the scouting trip thing...BUT, spent MANY years being there and doing that!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hate getting up early too. I am not a morning person at all! I am dreading the start of the school year because my son is starting middle school and they have to be there at 7:50 am, ouch!
I make the hubby go on the boy scout outings, so I'm safe there, hee hee

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Love all the eye candy - hope you had fun fishing!

Lorelei said...

i can't wait to see what you create with your Orange Bell beads!

Lorelei said...

i can't wait to see what you create with your Orange Bell beads!

alfcreations said...

I LOVE your blog. You make me laugh.
As for your wood discs, I can help you with that. Check out one of my Etsy shops, We do laser engraving. We could do just about anything you could possible want on there. Words, symbols, scrolly designs, you get the idea. Contact me if you want some help with them!