Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Attack of the Giant Spiders

I’m not sure why my neighborhood has suddenly become the home of the creepy-crawly and oddly gigantic, but I guess we are now the Motel 6 of the arachnid world.

It’s not enough that I have to check on the Silver Argiope orb weaver at my son’s school every single day, but last night, we found this lady had taken up residence in a web above the impatiens in my backyard:

According to What’s That Bug, this is a Golden Orb Weaver.

It’s also known as a Yellow Garden Spider. This picture gives a good shot of the stabilimentum (white stuff) in the center of the web.

My son has nick-named her "Webhead." I am sure I will now have to check on her status every day, too. Maybe I’ll even have to ask if she needs room service or fresh towels.

This is what my life has become – I run a Spider Motel (insert obligatory Roach Motel joke here).

In other, non-bug-related news, I finally got my hair cut (and re-blonded) this weekend. I hadn’t had anything done since JANUARY. It was such a disaster and I couldn’t wait to be rid of it so I went a little nuts and had about 6” cut off. I now have a cute, shoulder-length bob with some layers around my face. Just in time, too, as I’ve heard we’re supposed to get a heat wave this weekend and it’s going to be a bazillion degrees around here (blech!)

I may have also possibly gotten over the creative hurdle. I finished two pieces last night that I’m actually happy with. I only had time to photograph one of them so will have to do the other one tonight (if I can brave the spider-filled back yard that is).

This bracelet is made from more of the Chinese foiled glass that I got from the Rings ‘N Things Blog Partner giveaway. I can’t believe I still have more beads to use!

I added dangles of Czech glass, some Swarovski pearls and sterling silver melon beads. Behold the power of the matchy-matchingness!

The clasp is a sterling silver square toggle (gee, Kelly, as if they couldn't TELL that from the PICTURE).

I call it “Grape Sorbet” because I thought it made a refreshing change from my lackluster designs lately.

Also, cuz, y’know….purple.

And “Grape Jelly” just didn’t sound elegant enough.

And no, I have no idea why blogger is suddenly turning all my pictures sideways. Usually it means the pics are too big, but I've re-sized them several times and it's still happening. I'm choosing to ignore it and get on with my life.
I suggest you all do the same :-)
Have a great day!



mairedodd said...

i really like this new bracelet, it's beautiful ... AND you didn't sound at all self-pitying in that other post... you have feelings, are stressed in very real world ways & it can/does affect your creative 'flow' and time allowance... i get it for sure... also, my feeling re: your own designing is that if you connect with it and it speaks for you, it's right... anything else is not true to yourself... you are doing a beautiful job! be nice to yourself - you are with you 24/7... take care -

SueBeads said...

Yuck - what a bug. We had a katydid in our house on Sunday night - I had no idea what it was, except it was like four inches long, and looked like a flying sugar snap pea. It was disgusting - it was flying around the kitchen pooping green poop!!! And last week when we got home from Hilton Head, we had a dead wood wasp in our family room - they are wasps about three inches long and their stinger is about 1/2" long!!!!
Oh yeah, like your bracelet too! : )

Silver Parrot said...

Maire - thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate it!

Silver Parrot said...

Sue - Okay, I'm willing to take a few pics of critters that stay OUTTA MY HOUSE, but I draw the line at green bug poop in my kitchen!

Cindy Pack said...

That is one freaky looking spider! Ak!! We've been seeing some really large ones too. They really freak me out- especially when I look down and they are on my hand! That's when I scram! LOL!

Glad you are feeling over your creative hurdle! The bracelet turned out lovely! I really like the foiled beads and the color you chose! :)

I agree with Maire- don't be so hard on yourself! :)

Blessings, Cindy

SummersStudio said...

Yeah! Over the creative hurdle and such a beautiful result. Golden Orb just makes that spider sound so magical and mysterious. I'm not crazy about spiders but your photos are gorgeous.

Marbella Designs said...

what a freaky looking spider, i don't think i've ever seen one like that. and thank goodness too because spiders terrify me!
the bracelte is lovely, great work!