Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Poll! Now improved with whining!

So, I'm thinking of going for it and listing some items on Etsy, but I can't decide what to start out with. My first thought was to clean out all my sale items and hopefully draw customers in who are looking for bargains, but then I wondered if my first few listings would "set the tone" for what people expect from the store going forward?

Then I thought maybe a selection of all different things from every area of my inventory - but that's a lot of listings.

Another choice would be to do the "Memoire Collection" because those items all have a similar style, but it would be a limited number of listings.

And then I threw up my hands and said "I'll do a poll on my blog." So there it is over on the right side. Please vote and help me make a decision!

See how easily I got myself out of that dilemma? Plus, I have a built-in scapegoat to blame if it all goes horribly wrong LOL! "Hey, it wasn't MY fault...the poll said I should do it this way."

Only kidding (sort of). Please do vote and help me out!

Now this space here was supposed to contain the necklace that I was working on yesterday, but I never got to finish it or take pictures because here's how my day went:

Up at 5:30 AM


Get the kid up

Pick out his clothes

Dry my hair

Go back to check on kid (not dressed yet)

Go downstairs to set up breakfast

Make kid's lunch

Go back upstairs to check on kid (still not dressed)

Stand there and make kid get dressed

Go downstairs to eat breakfast

Notice kid has not followed

Go upstairs to find he has taken all his clothes off and is in the bathroom because he "forgot" he had to pee.

Stand there til he's done, has flushed, has put all clothes back on and washed his hands

Go down to breakfast

Clean up breakfast and send kid upstairs to brush his teeth

Uncover the parrot

Feed the parrot

Tickle the parrot

Give the parrot his treat for enduring the tickles

Go upstairs to check on kid who has, miraculously, brushed his teeth, but has also filled the sink with water and is running some kind of race with q-tips and my hair mousse in the sink.

Make kid clean up mess

Send kid downstairs to put shoes on

Re-clean up after kid

Put on makeup, do half-assed job on hair, throw on clothes and run out the door

Go back inside to grab kid that I forgot about and his lunch

Drop kid off at YMCA

Arrive at work 30 minutes late

Call mom to remind her to be at my house at 2 PM to meet garage door repairman (garage has been broken for 4 months)

Mom requests that I call garage door company to ask what time they will actually show up (they've give us a 2-4 PM window).

I hang up intending to call (and yet knowing they are not going to tell me anything different) and get pulled into a meeting - no time to make call.

Mom calls me at 2:05 PM from my house asking why I never got back to her and how come the repairmen are not there yet.

I tell her about meeting and remind her about 2-4 pm window.

She asks me to call them again.

I hang up and do not make the call.

She calls me back 15 minutes later.

I let it go to VM (I know, I'm a horrible daughter who is probably going straight to hell for this)

She calls me back at 3:45 to let me know the garage door is done and to ask if she should pick the kid up early. I say "yes."

She calls me back at 4:15 to let me know what deplorable conditions she found him in at YMCA (i.e. he was playing outside in the sun and had gotten sweaty). Horrible, indeed.

She wants me to call the YMCA and complain.

I tell her I'll get right on that and hang up.

5 PM I leave work

5:30 arrive home

Change clothes and run right back out the door

Take car to service station as all 4 tires are low on air

Go to drug store to drop off prescription

Realize I have left ATM card at home and only have $40 cash on me

Go to grocery store but can only buy a few things from my list because of not having my ATM card which means I will have to go back tomorrow

Go through El Pollo Loco drive-thru to pick up dinner (thank goodness for employee discount!)

6:30 PM arrive home

Eat dinner with mom while kid plays outside with neighbors

Listen to 30 minutes of mom telling me everything that is wrong with the house, the garden, kid's shoes, my hair, the carpet samples I'm looking at and pretty much everything else within her range of vision

7:00 PM get kid in to eat his dinner

Clean up kitchen

Get mom out the door (after she has made me a written list of all the things in the house and yard that need to be fixed and NO I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP)

7:30 PM Wash off makeup and get into sweats

Get kid showered and into his PJ's

8:00 PM Watch 30 minutes of "Justice League" with kid

8:30 PM Put kid to bed

Look at my workstation and realize I am WAAAAYYY too tired to even think about working on anything.

9:00 PM Fall asleep watching "Forensic Files" on TV.

9:30 PM Awakened by kid running in to tell me he's pulled one of his loose teeth out and can I please do something about the blood.

Clean up tooth and kid

Find baggie to put tooth in

Put tooth under pillow and kid back to bed

10:00 PM Scrounge for $ to pay for tooth

10:45 PM Make 1st attempt to sneak into kid's room to play "tooth fairy."

Wake up kid by stepping on creaky board

Pretend to just be "checking" on him

11:15 PM Make 2nd attempt to sneak in.

Get caught again.

Tell kid I have message from tooth fairy that she doesn't want to wake him up so can he please put the tooth in a bag outside his bedroom door

Kid falls for it (Thank goodness!)

Arrange bag outside door and switch tooth for money

11:45 PM Turn off light to go to bed

2:00 AM Wake up and realize that today is the day I have to meet my ex for lunch to discuss the possibility of his resuming his visitation with the kid.

Stay awake the rest of the night wondering what on earth to do and wishing that I really, really, really didn't have to go to this meeting or have this discussion.

So, that is why there is no picture of a new necklace today. And now you also know why most of my jewelry-making gets done in 30 minute increments on my lunch hours at work - because EVERY day is like this!

But hey, my tires are full of air for the first time in a month AND my garage door works!



P.S. In case anyone is concerned, I do love my mom dearly and she is a wonderful help to me...she's just a bit of a perfectionist and I am, well, NOT, so sometimes that can be an issue.

P.P.S. If you've read this far, you certainly deserve some eye candy so here you go:

This beautiful square pendant was created by Melissa at Chinook Jewelry. The picture doesn't do it justice - it's just gorgeous in real life!



SummersStudio said...

What a day Kelley! The tooth fairy arrangement is truly inspired. Hope all goes well today and you get a wee bit of down time. Even some beading time.

Ruralrose said...
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TesoriTrovati said...

You have me almost peeingmypants with laughter! That is so very funny...so Erma Bombeck. So true! (And coincidentally, I think your mom and my mom have been comparing notes...I can never do anything right! - but my sister can...and that is a whole different story!) I hear you on the creative pipeline...I am a 9p-midnighter myself. I feel a sort of kinship with you that we can manage to create anything beautiful given this similar crazy life we lead. And well, sometimes it just doesn't happen. (I am also a champion procrastinator and if you give me a deadline you can be sure that I will leave it to the last possible minute and grossly overestimate my talent to pull it off!)
That being said, I too want to try Etsy but worry about the glut factor. I will be watching to see what happens to you ;-)
I would say that you need to set a tone with your shop and not put all the clearance items out there. Take your best "collection" and start there. I have a bin of things that haven't sold at whatever venues and will pull them apart to rework them at some point. There is a challenge from Michelle Ward to rip yourself off...rework some earlier work that you did with your current taste and talent level.
Good luck with all of it! I will be checking in to see what happens!
Enjoy the day!

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Whew, I'm exhausted just reading about your day! I hope you get a few minutes to play with the pendant- I'm so glad you like it :)

dochoamom said...

Girl you are funny.....agree with Tesori !!

The problem with the poll is we (or at least I) want to choose more than one thing... So Memiore Coll, your bracelets and the bead embroidered items...

Hope this helps...


Heather said...


Ann said...

OMG!! Breathe!! Breathe! You aren't my twin by any chance are you? I think we have the same mom...

Silver Parrot said...

Summers - yes it was quite a day. But then, every day is about like that around here LOL!

Silver Parrot said...

Rural - thank you so much for your thoughts. I very much wish I had a "beady" neighbor, but thank goodness for the Internet and blogosphere which allows us to at least be "virtual" neighbors. And yes, my mom has a lot of health problems including severe tooth, neck and jaw pain in addition to dealing with the loss of my dad. However, her perfectionist tendencies go a long way back - most of the women on that side of the family are "particular" about things. I have the gene, but my tends to be more focused on being critical of my artistic endeavors and not so much on things like...house cleaning which I could really care less about LOL!

Silver Parrot said...

Erin - I'll be sure to post about my results on Etsy. Leave it to me to start a new business venture in the middle of the worst economic event in 70 years LOL! That's an interesting idea about re-working older designs, but don't know if I can do it. I pretty much lose interest in a project after a certain time (usually about 5 seconds after it's finished) which is why most of my designs are one of a kind - I can't stand to make another one!

Silver Parrot said...

Mellissa - sorry if I made you tired LOL! I've got some new leather and linen cords coming in this week that I think will be fun to put with the pendant. Can't wait to have some time.

Silver Parrot said...

dochoa - glad I could make you laugh. I know about the poll - I agonized over whether to make it so you could choose more than one option, but I really wanted to force people to help me pick ONE type of item and I was afraid that having multiple options would affect the results too much.

Silver Parrot said...

Heather - thanks!

Silver Parrot said...

Ann - I hope not LOL! Although I have always wanted a twin...

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hi Kido,

First I don't know if you read Beth Guinn's blog: http://bethquinndesigns.blogspot.com/ but she had the info for House of Gems' design contest. Skip over and see about entering it.

As far as your poll I can only tell you what draws me to some ones e-store. I agree with Erin don't put your discount things out now. I will check out a store if they have a style that I like. I will take a first time look to see what is offered if there is only one style or type and it's not exactly me, I generally don't check back. But on the other hand if there are a couple of different styles or color ways being shown I'll check back to see if you have something new. SO for me I would say that placing a couple of different "lines" on the site would be more prudent. I think you are way to young in your jewelry making life to risk being pigeon holed. I think the reputation of very professional, inovative, well designed, and executed pieces would be the place to strive for first.

As I said I can tell you what appeals to and motivates me. But do take it with a bit of salt because I always have that behavioral scientist knocking around in little grey cells. And that definitely pushes me outside of the definition of normal :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Erin said...

I like your sense of humor! It's funny, because it's so true, I know!

Good Luck with Etsy. I know it's tough because the jewelry is so competitive but I agree with others, put your best collection out there.