Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh FINE, then!

Y'know here I am. Minding my own business. Not bothering anybody. Makin' it through this bead diet one second at a time and achieving a full 24 hours without buying anything thank you very much and then BAM!

The newest issue of "Beadstyle" arrives with a great article on ancient Roman glass beads.

And yet, I resist the urge and make it through the night.

And then, the Art Bead Scene blog has to post THIS

And then Happy Mango goes and puts them ON SALE!

C'mon, people. How am I expected to resist ALL OF THIS TEMPTATION!


And the answer, of course, is that I didn't. I mean, when I get three signs like that all at once doesn't it sort of mean that the universe is saying that these beads are my destiny?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

So I bought this set:

I mean, the idea of creating with something so many hundreds of years old is just too cool! Who owned the original items that these pieces came from? What were their lives like? Were they happy? Was their country at war? At peace? Were they in love?

I could speculate endlessly.

At this rate, I am going to have NO MONEY for the show tomorrow.




Carlene said...

You got some cool beads! I can see a bracelet and some earrings happening. I went to check them out after reading the ABS post yesterday. The only problem I had was that the ones I really really wanted were $531!!! My husband would kill me if I bought those. But hey, you can only die once :)

dochoamom said...

KJ - They had those at San Gab Bead Co... a few months ago... in the case by the swarovskis... I never priced them but there ya go... Ok so where are we meeting??? which booth???


Anonymous said...

oh you crazy girl :) I saw those to and I fell in love with cream colored beads, but alas i have no money to buy anything right now. :(

Silver Parrot said...

Carlene - I saw that same set and drooled at it, too. Then I bought the set that was $36! LOL!

Silver Parrot said...

Deb - I'm an OC girl so never get up to the San Gab BC. Tomorrow's show in Pasadena is an exception and only because a friend volunteered to do the driving. I'd love to meet up - we PLAN to get there around 11 or so, but we usually run late. I didn't publish the comment with your phone # in it because I didn't think you'd want it visible for everyone to see. E-mail me at stamparrotAThotmailDOTcom and we'll set something up.

Silver Parrot said...

Sandy - I didn't have money either - but I bought them anyway. I am a rebel like that, but at least I'm doing my part to support the economy.

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh too funny! I did the exact same thing...but I haven't opened my copy of BeadStyle yet....I am in TROUBLE! I don't think that $36 is too much to spend on one strand of beads...but of course, I too, run to the $531 strand price. Ooh! That is so very cool....I wonder if someone somewhere could make some faux roman glass beads, huh? Anyone?!
Enjoy the day! Can't wait to see what (if any) you buy at the show!

Sarah said...

Giggle!! Yeah..I totally understand!! Sadly..I do!! They are beautiful!!