Friday, September 14, 2007

Clever Blog Post Titles are the Bane of My Existence

Today, at least. Tomorrow, I'm sure there will be other banes, but for today, clever blog titles are it.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. The home computer crashed so on-line access has been extremely limited.

Also, not much to say. Not much happening, lately. But, I have pictures:

It's hot. Or at least, it WAS hot two weekends ago when I took this picture. It's excellent the way I posted it in such a timely fashion ;-)

New lampwork beads.

More new lampwork beads.

And yet more beads.

And yes, try to contain your surprise, more beads.

Other than that, I've been busy trying to get the computer fixed and taking the first few steps towards redecorating my house. The kid and I are each getting new beds which are being delivered tomorrow. I re-painted an accent wall in my bedroom and moved some furniture around. I bought new bedding and accent pillows to match the new wall. Next step for that room is to buy a media center to house the TV and components and finish the window treatments and possibly re-cover the dressing table chair to match the new decor and that room will be done.

The kid's room got new bedding, too. Transformers. Duh.

Moved the furniture around in there, too. I have to change out the window treatments in two tiny accent windows, put in more toy storage and empty/remove a couple of bookcases (going to work on that part tonight) and that room will be done, too.

Next after that is new carpet and furniture for the living room. I'm looking at carpet samples right now but haven't picked a color yet. Also still need to make a run to IKEA to check out some furniture I saw in their catalog that I think will be perfect, but I want to see it in person.

The family room needs a couch - I've already selected a brown leather sectional with a recliner on one end, but have to save up the $$ for it first.

The rest of this weekend will consist of trip preparation for a big family reunion that the kid and I will be attending soon. It will be the 75th anniversary of the founding of the family farm in southern New Mexico. Can't wait to go and see all my cousins and their kids! I wish it wasn't going to be 95 degrees and rotten with mosquitoes the size of airplanes, but oh well, not all vacations are to lovely tropical destinations where cute cabana boys in very revealing clothing bring me an endless round of foofy drinks.


That's it - I got nothing else.

Have a great weekend!