Thursday, July 16, 2009


Okay, okay, I get it. From the lack of comments I guess that the spider and snake pics were NOT a big hit LOL!

So, back to the beads.

I wish I had some finished jewelry to show off, but given that my beading time this week has been limited to about 15-20 minutes on my lunch hour each day, I've been working on just one bracelet all week long.

What does that mean for you, you ask?

Bead pics, of course!

These gorgeous beads came from Bead Fairy on Etsy.

I snapped them up so fast that I didn't even bother to notice that she is all the way in STUTTGART, GERMANY!

She must've thought I was crazy when I sent my "can you tell me where my beads are" message on Etsy LOL!

But you know, I really did get them very quickly considering they came from half a world away! And the Aurae and Triton glass are both just sooo delicious!

Okay, that's it for today.



SummersStudio said...

Hey there, I like spiders and snakes. In pics, not up close and personal. But the bead pics are pretty cool too!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Now just a darn minute, I left a comment yesterday!! :) :)

I don't know about you but those week long/only work a few minutes at a time projects are really hard to keep me motivated to finish. Some how the inspiration starts to drift away and then I want to do 3 other projects...

Just for you Sweet Pea, ATC=Artist Trading Card. They are the size of a credit card. The cards are made by artists and traded or given away. The initial conception was they were small gifts of art not to be sold. :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Silver Parrot said...

Pattie - thanks for the heads up on "ATC." BTW - if you left a comment yesterday, it somehow never came through. Maybe Blogger...or the spider...ate it?


Silver Parrot said...

Summer - Thank you and I got my order from you in the mail today. Yuuuuuummmmyyy! They'll all be featured on the blog soon, of course!

Marie Cramp said...

I got chills looking at your spiders. Can't wait to see that bracelet you're making :)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm craving those leaves...