Wednesday, October 13, 2004

More bead show stuff. Pastel glass pearls, chalcedony briolettes, chinese glass cones, and teeny briolettes in amethyst, rose quartz and amazonite. Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

I think I bookmarked your site from the forum, and just tonight decided to sort through my overwhelming list of bookmarks...

I think at the time I first read your blog, you had just started and only had a few entries. Now you've been at it a few months and it's very interesting to similarities between you and myself!!

I have a 24-month-old son named Ethan and I too am a jewelry maker. I thought it was funny to read that you and your husband take care of your son every other night - I thought we were the only ones who had that arrangement!! I was a stay at home Mom up until a month ago when I started to work part time as a pastry chef(after 10 months being at home). At least I still have 3 hours a day to make jewelry while Ethan takes a nap!!!
I feel for you as far as Ryan not sleeping through the night - we dealth with that and finally just decided to let him sleep with us - WHAT A MISTAKE!! 6 months later I was still getting pushed out of our king bed!!! The best solution was to get a big boy bed and let him feel like he had ownership - I made him a special quilt and throw pillow...and if he is scared in the middle of the night, we have trained him to come in our room instead of us getting up 5 times a night!!!

Anyway, I love peyote stitch and like your beaded beads!!

Best wishes!!!