Monday, June 20, 2011

A Birthday Dinner View

I spent my birthday at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Lots of pics and hopefully (if I worked the camera thingamajig right) some videos to be posted this week as soon as I get everything downloaded off the camera and edited.

However, in the meantime, check out the view from my dinner table Saturday night:

This is from the patio at Gladstone's restaurant. Sunset...looking over Rainbow Harbor. And yes, that IS the Queen Mary in the distance across the harbor.

It could not have been a more beautiful, perfect evening. This was the only day the entire week that wasn't fogged in with June gloom.



Anonymous said...

hope you had a great birthday!
i sure do miss home, but the boys and I are flying back this friday and hanging with friends for two weeks. can't wait.

SueBeads said...

Nice, I'm glad you had a nice time! welcome to 46!

Pretty Things said...

Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

hi there,

we're off to Cali tomorrow and we will be going to Palm Desert in july. i'm interested in taking that desert tour you took and was wondering if your could let me know the name of the company you used. sounds like you enjoyed it, so i'd love to take my boys.