Thursday, December 08, 2011

Kyanite Snowflake Necklace

In my last jewelry-related post, I mentioned there was one more snowflake necklace. I finally got the photos processed and ready to post so here they are:

This time, I added gorgeous gray/blue kyanite stones and white freshwater pearls as accents to one of Summer's Studios lovely bronze snowflake pendants.

Here's a closeup of the pendant.

And a closeup of the kyanite rondelles I used (please ignore the fact that Blogger is insisting on turning this photo upside down...I have no idea why it randomly does this with certain pictures and not others, but I have learned that it is futile to fight it).

In real life, the stones have a touch more blue to them than in the photos. I think my gray velvet neckstand is helping to emphasize the gray in the stones more. I also re-used my trick of pairing darker brass chain and wire with brighter vermeil spacers and gold-filled beads.

This necklace is slightly heavier in looks than the last one, but the pendant is also slightly larger so I thought it could handle the bigger accent beads. I've got to figure out more designs for using this's SOOO pretty. I love all the brown, gold, gray and blue tones it brings together.

That's it for now. I'm off to help with yet more 3rd grade homework...kid has been home sick for a week (more on that adventure in a future post) and his teacher sent home a grunch (yes, I make up my own words) of missed classwork and homework to catch up on.




Marie Cramp said...

Very nice! Looks wonderfully winter!!

lunedreams said...

I love the gold tones with the blue gray. Those stones actually look more like labradorite to me than kyanite (labradorite will often have a blue flash). Kyanite is usually a pretty vivid blue/green.

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh, I love this! That snowflake is perfect. We don't have a lot of snow...yet, but it is coming, I can feel it. It is quite cold today though, maybe a windchill of zero or something. But that isn't even the coldest it will get. Despite my hatred of the cold, I love all things snowflakes. So pretty! Hope the kid gets better soon and the 'grunch' gets completed!
Enjoy the day.

Terri said...

Simply beautiful! Gorgeous pendant. And I like the gray/blue kyanite me they represent the gray days of winter. Fantastic over all design.