Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Bead Soup Ingredients

And here they are! My bead soup ingredients!!

First up is this gorgeous fused dichroic glass cabochon and metal stamped pendant. Kat really went all out on this making not only the glass, but doing all the metal work and wire-wrapping as well.

Safe to say I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with could go straight on to a simple chain and be stunning all on its own. My challenge will be to do more than that with the rest of the necklace while not detracting from this truly unusual focal.

As if that's not enough, Kat also included this stamped and riveted brass toggle - which deserves to be a focal point all on its own. Hmmm...will it be too much to incorporate it into the same piece as the glass pendant? Or will it be the star of its own design...???

Lastly, Kat included a lovely mix of crystals, brass tubes and brass bead caps as a supporting cast.

What to do? What to do...???


Stay tuned...



CraftyHope said...

Holy Moly! That focal and the clasp are both amazing. You are one lucky duck to get to work with them. I can hardly wait to see what you do with them. I know it will be awesome.

Kat BM said...

Great post! incredible pendant you got there! LOL sorry couldn't resist. I just posted alittle more about the making of on my blog... I cannot wait to see what you make with it!

Lori Anderson said...

I just absolutely LOVE this.