Monday, May 18, 2015

Camera Play Part 2

Still mucking about with the old point and shoot.  Images are still not the quality I want, but I managed to capture some interesting things so I'm sharing anyway: 

"Mom...I'm hungry."

"Mom...are you listening?"
"MOM!  I AM HUNGRY!!  Look at me flapping my wings!"

"And flipping my tail!"
"Finally!  Now, hurry back with the food!"
"Yes!  I'm ready...bring on the treats!"
"MMMMMMM!!!  Yummy!"
Thanks to the Facebook Bird ID Group for helping me identify these as a female and (obviously) a juvenile Hooded Oriole.  The male is a brilliant orange and black - have not seen him around yet but am still hoping to.  This little vineyard area is really quite the birding goldmine - I've seen something different just about every day I've gone on my lunch hour.
The Cassin's Kingbird is pretty much always, there, though.  He loves the top of this post. 

Although sometimes he does like to change things up and sit on the wire.  He's helped me with my bird ID skills as I initially thought he was a Western Kingbird, but have since learned that the more prominent white area under the beak and the white tip on his tail mean he's a Cassin's.
Ryan's school continues to be a good place to critter watch as well.  Not so many birds on this day because there were a lot of activities going on out on the fields, but I found this little guy getting an early dinner right outside the classroom.
Then I decided to mess with the macro function for a little bit.  This is part of that overgrown, raised garden bed and I noticed this plant had droplets of water all over it...
Some sections were in shadow and made for sort of cool, moody, alien-looking shots.
Other patches were in bright sun...
...and really showed off a wonderful light/water effect...
...I think this one might be my favorite!
Can't wait until I can get the images from the new SX50 processed and ready to share!

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Creative Haven said...

Those are some great shots! I heard some peeping noises in our rain gutter this morning. There must be a nest up there