Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday - Osprey on a Cloudy Day

Now that I know where to look...I've enjoyed multiple encounters at different locations with Ospreys.  I find them to be amazing birds - from their sheer size to their fishing ability.  And I never get tired of seeing those crazy-looking yellow eyes, sharp beak and large talons.  One look at those feet and you'd think that nothing could escape them and yet I've seen them drop a fish on more than one occasion.  Still, they are formidable predators and fun to watch.

This particular encounter took place on a very gray, overcast day back in June at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary.

The wind was blowing and ruffling up the Osprey's head feathers.

This post is at the edge of the parking lot and the Osprey is there quite frequently...often with a freshly caught fish...although not on this particular occasion.

That stare makes me glad that *I* am not a fish LOL!

More wind-ruffling...
If you look closely, you can see some spots of blood on his chest and belly...maybe I got here just AFTER the fish got devoured!


eileeninmd said...

The Osprey is a cool bird, great sighting and wonderful series of photos. Have a happy day and week ahead!

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Wonderful plumage detail and great poses!

Chris Rohrer said...

I enjoy the Osprey. Every time we see one on a trail or in the car we stop to watch what it's doing. They are brilliant birds even on cloudy days:)

Adam Jones said...

What fantastic pictures! Such special birds.

Stewart M said...

What a great set of pictures - we have Osprey here (although a slightly different species) although I have not got any pictures yet - maybe this weekend!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

EG CameraGirl said...

I agree that ospreys are amazing birds to watch.

reclaimed wood dining table uk said...

Your pictures are great! Ospreys are brilliant birds. Thanks for sharing!