Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

I was introduced to this sweet little bird last fall when I caught a quick flash of blue out of the corner of my eye.  Realizing it was too small to be either of our other local "blue" birds (Western Bluebird or California Scrub Jay),  I thought I might be on to something new.  Once I got home and compared the photos to my birding guide...yep, new bird for me:  Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

They are more blue than our endangered California Gnatcatcher (still hoping to see one of those!) and have that distinct white eye-ring.

He was definitely keeping an eye out for the local Cooper's Hawk who flew over while I was taking these photos.

Such a pretty little bird.
And feisty, too!
Woops!  Gotta watch out for that hawk again!

These little guys are back in town now that it's fall again, but I have yet to get shots any nicer than these from last year.  I must've had a little bit of beginner's luck going!


Les Fous du Cap said...

Joli dégradé de couleur ;-)
Céline & Philippe

Stewart M said...

What a wonderful little bird - just shows you dont have to be a 1000 colours to look good.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne