Friday, June 24, 2005

Book Recommendation of the Week

The Witches of Eileanan - Kate Forsyth - Penguin Books

I'll admit that since Marion Zimmer Bradley passed away and Laurell K. Hamilton switched over to writing (blech!) porn dressed up as what used-to-be the Anita Blake books that I've had a hard time finding decent books to read. Fortunately, I did stumble across Kate Forsyth's "Witches of Eileanan" series a few years ago and have been enjoying it ever since.

And for those of you who HATE the wait between books being published - there are already 6 books out in this series and it's complete (and yes, Jenie, they are all in paperback). She's just started a new series called "Rhiannon's Ride" which is set in the same world. The first book in this new series, "The Tower of Ravens," is already out in paperback.

Forsyth has built a very original world peopled with all sorts of interesting never know what is lurking just around the next bush. Mesmerds, nixes, pixies, the fairgean, dryads and more inhabit this fantastic world. I will warn you that sometimes her use of accents can get a bit old, but it's a minor flaw in an otherwise very well done series.

Enjoy and have a great weekend, everyone!



Jenie said...

ROFL! How scary is that, I'm reading thinking, hey, I think I'll check those out, and then there's your note to me. You make me laugh! :)

Jenie said...

::sigh:: I will have you know, I ripped right thru Jim Butcher's Fool Moon (creepy, creepy werewolves; I am not good with werewolves) and Grave Peril. I can not believe you got me hooked on this guy. I so have to hate you now, because now I have to spend money buying new books!