Monday, June 06, 2005

Who needs anti-depressants when there's ice cream?

MaggieMoo's Ice Cream and Treatery

I have a new addiction - Maggie Moo's ice cream. This new vendor is springing up all over the place down here and is a terrific competitor to the overpriced (and IMO not all that great) Cold Stone Creamery. This ice cream is so good that you don't even need the "mix ins" (but they do offer them if you want). And for all you figure-conscious people, well, if you're worried about that, you shouldn't be eating ice cream anyway. Go have a carrot!

Seriously, tho, they have fat free AND carb-free and sugar-free, blah, blah, blah whatever...but they do have it so go crazy.

And if you want recommendations...well, I thought the chocolate mint was TO DIE FOR. I have it on good authority from the 2 and 4-year-olds who were with me that the Grape Bubblegum and Blue Cotton Candy are also FABULOUS.

While I was laying sick in bed with my latest bout of whatever-illness-du-jour I was just DREAMING of someone bringing me a bowlful of this stuff for my poor abused throat. Of course, no one DID bring me any and I had to make do with grape popsicles and Vicodin which, despite how it sounds, is nowhere NEAR as good as this ice cream.

So go get you some (cuz, as I learned the hard way, ain't nobody gonna bring you any even if you're sick!)



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