Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Work

I promised some new pictures and here's the first one. I finished these bead embroidered earrings just in time for my show on Nov. 12th. The scanner, of course, has completely screwed them up as far as accurately replicating the color scheme is concerned, but I'll try to describe them. The centers are dichroic glass cabochons. They have a black background with royal purple and tiny hints of teal in them. I've chosen royal purple, teal and purple aurora borealis (AB) seed beads for the embroidery and used them again in the fringe with the addition of teal crystals and glass daggers. I know it appears in the picture that the crystals and the daggers are different colors, but in real life, they match perfectly and they also match the teal row of embroidery around the cabochons. These babies are glamorously long at 4.25" and I call them "Twilight Teal." And yes, Jenie, I KNOW...get a digital camera and ditch the scanner. I'm workin' on it!

In other news, I've finished a couple of books this week so there will definitely be a new book review this Friday. I've got a cute Christmas set necklace and earrings featuring lampwork and crystals that I'll try to get scanned tonight so I can post a picture tomorrow. And, last but not least, the Christmas sale is definitely ON! It will start December 1st and run through December 18th. I'll make a formal announcement here of all the details later so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Take care all!


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