Friday, May 02, 2008

Cameras vs. Scanners

I usually take all my jewelry pictures for the website and this blog using my scanner. I like it - it's easy...just lay the piece on the scanner, close the lid, push a button and done.

And MOST of the time, the pics are great.

Most of the time.

Every once in a with the recently posted "Antique Smoke" necklace, the scanner just doesn't cut it.

This means I either am stuck posting a crappy picture or else I have to go outside with a necklace form and my digital camera and try to do a better job. Now, the camera and I have a love/hate relationship.

It loves to confuse the hell out of me with all its bells and whistles that I can't figure out. I hate having to take 17 gazillion shots trying to get maybe one decent one. Also, I maybe have some kind of genetic defect that prevents me from holding the camera level or still. I maybe need to invest in a tripod?
However, when it DOES work, I have to say the shots are often a lot better than what the scanner can do.
So, here are some revised shots of the "Antique Smoke" necklace:

And a detail shot of the clasp:

I wonder...does this change anyone's vote on the poll (see the right side of the blog page to participate if you haven't voted yet or to change your vote if you want to).

Here's a new set I just finished last night:

I started with an iridescent metal leaf pendant and decided to pick out the purpley sheen it has by adding Swarovski pearls in a deep purple-blue shade and some other copper beads. I had enough pieces left over to make a matching bracelet and earrings. The clasp on the necklace is a really pretty copper toggle, but I could NOT get the camera to take a decent picture of it so here's the scanned version:

They look completely different, don't they? The pendant looks better in the scanned shot, but the pearls look more true-to-life in the camera shots.


When will they make a camera or scanner that has an "auto-jewelry picture" function? That's what I want to know!

Happy weekend, all!


Music: "Love in Store" by Fleetwood Mac


Carlene said...

Wow, I though I was the only one that "took pictures" of jewelry with a scanner! I did just buy a tiny digital camera to learn how to take "pictures" of pieces and I think you're right-so far it's definately love/hate. I guess I'm just a film girl at heart. Scanner users unite!

Silver Parrot said...

Lol! Tell it, sistah! You'll have to let me know how things go with your new camera.