Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oooohhh...pretty...and sparkley....

Hi. My name is KJ and I am a bead slut.
(Hi, KJ)

Okay, I admit it. I have a bead problem. Or rather, a bead buying problem. I just can't resist the pretty, sparkley stuff. I've often wondered if I was a magpie in a former life or something...

Anyway, here are the latest results of my addiction:

These stunning borosilicate lampwork spacers are from 5 Fish Designs. You can find them on eBay. Please go buy up all of their stock and save me from myself.

Then, of course, I cannot resist anything to do with pansies:

And, I mean, why even try when you get not only the pansies, but also leaves, buds and the cutest little ladybug I've ever seen. Oh and sorry, I'm not sharing the source on these babies because they are MINE, ALL MINE.

Now comes the part of my addiction where I attempt to justify the bead purchases by claiming that I make things from the beads:

This is my first attempt at beaing around Swarovski rivoli crystals using a technique I learned from an article by Bia Alessi in the December, 2007, issue of "Bead and Button" magazine. The centers are Amethyst rivolis surrounded by right-angle weave stitch using Japanese Miyuki size 11 seed beads and 4mm Swarovski bicones. These are meant to be earrings - I just haven't put the tops on yet because I'm out of stock on 14k gold filled French hooks.

Oh wait...guess that means I need to place ANOTHER bead order. And, of course, to make the shipping worthwhile, I better add in some more rivolis...oh and bicones...I'm out of those, too.

Are you beginning to see how this sickness operates?

This pair has light amethyst rivolis for centers (really, it does - it's just the scan that makes them look gold). The beading around the outside is done in dark amethyst bicones, amethyst AB and silver-lined gold seed beads. Again, missing the earring tops.

And last, but not least, the pair I actually finished:

These are black diamond rivolis with hematite and silver-lined clear seed beads, navy AB triangle seed beads and silver bicones. The tops are sterling silver French hooks. I think this is my favorite pair so far although I'm still working on a pair that's all shades of gold, cream and green and it's yummy!

That's all the addiction we've got time for today, but tune in tomorrow. Same bead time, same bead channel (perhaps I've been watching too many superhero cartoons with the kidlet?)



Kaos Siberians said...

How hard would you laugh to know that I now have show leads with lampwork beads braided into them and that I'm eyeing my stash of lampwork beads to see if I have outfits to go with them to justify having them braided onto a new leash? :-)

Silver Parrot said...

Pretty darn hard ;-) Although, I AM picturing a beaded rivoli dangle for each show collar...or maybe even an entire collar of these beaded rivolis all linked together?

Oh, and if there's nothing in your bead stash that matches your outfits, I'm sure there's something in mine ;-)

jenie said...

Pretties! Those pansies are so pretty and adorable, too. :)