Monday, July 21, 2008

Rivoli Madness

Okay, so now that I finally decided to join the whole rivoli craze, I can't stop making these Here's another couple pair that I finished this weekend:

The centers on this pair are rivolis in a color called "golden shadow."

This pair was a bit of a challenge - the rivolis are supposed to be "medium vitrail" but one has much more yellow, gold and rose in it and the other is more blue and green. I think the color coating didn't get applied evenly or something, but I decided to make them earrings anyway.

The fact that they don't really match doesn't bother my OCD/perfectionist tendencies at all.


I can barely tell the difference.

I swear.

And no, my hands are NOT shaking.


P.S. I got all the rivolis for the earrings in the last two entries from Rings 'N Things. I'm thinking about another, larger order because I can see a bunch of these babies all linked together as a bracelet which I think would be really amazing.


Dave Robertson said...

Hey, KJ,

You done good. Definitely some great-looking earrings.

Thanks for mentioning that the rivolis came from Rings & Things! I've passed your comment on the coating along to our customer service ladies... Don't want severe OCD people (like me :) running into that issue!

Best from

at Rings and Things

Silver Parrot said...

You're welcome, Dave. I always like to help good vendors when I can.

If the Rivolis had been a pricier item, I might've called your cust. svc. dept. myself, but I didn't think it was worth it for such a low-ticket purchase. Also, I think it's a Swarovski issue and not a Rings 'N Things issue.

Still, appreciate your taking notice of it.


Dave Robertson said...

Don't be shy, KJ -- we want to know if any item is a concern! I'm glad you talked about it on your blog.