Friday, October 03, 2008

If it's Friday, it must be "new stuff" day...

Well, Friday seems to be my day for posting new stuff, lately. Not on purpose – it just seems to work out that way.

I bought some new beads from Littlecrow:

And while I’ve been waiting for them to arrive, I made some new stuff:

These are the same as the Hydrangea earrings I posted earlier, I just used pink and amethyst CZ briolettes instead of the blue and green. I’m in love with the CZ’s – I think I need to get more of them!

Then I added some aqua quartz and some genuine amethyst brios to these cool earring components:

I may end up changing these a bit as I’m not sure the stones are big enough to counterbalance the big components, but we’ll see.

I bought some fun, little hammered components at a show a while back and finally got a chance to do something with them:

I think the aqua quartz brios look great with them and the hammered finish on the components has a great sparkle.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Happy beading!



Katie said...

those red beads are ssssizzlin'! :) i also love the earrings right underneath them. when i buy CZ briolettes, they turn out NOT to be actual CZ's, so I'm jealous!

Amanda said...

I completely agree - I also just love the intensity of the color of those aqua quartz briolettes.

Is there anywhere in particular that you choose to purchase your CZ brios and chalcedony from? I like shopping on Etsy, but it's hard to buy in bulk (or affordable bulk)there.

Silver Parrot said...


Hmm...I wish I remember where I bought those aqua quartz brios. I know I got them at a bead show, but I can't remember the vendor. When in doubt - Google "aqua quartz briolettes" and see what you come up with.

CZ brios...again, a bead show vendor whose name I don't know, I just know where his table always is, but in between shows, I've been able to find them at Fusion Beads ( They seem to have a pretty decent selection and pricing. Also, they are a reputable vendor so you don't have to worry about getting fake CZ's (usually some cheapy Chinese product that totally crumble when you try to wire wrap 'em). Good luck and if I find the vendor names, I'll be sure to post them!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the info! I'm adding Fusionbeads to my bead supplier lists now, and I'll check them out next time I have money I can spend!

(If I look any sooner, my mouse might "slip" and I'll end up spending $200 and getting a very big slap on the wrist from my beau.)

Silver Parrot said...

I've always found it a good idea to have a separate "bead account", the funding of which comes from money solely earned by me and therefore is totally at MY discretion as to how and upon what it is spent.

'Course, I no longer HAVE a beau so perhaps my advice is no longer any good in that department and slaps on the wrist are certainly to be avoided at all costs.