Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Well, I never did find my missing furnace glass beads (sob!), but I did finally remember to scan the last of the stuff I bought (that I DIDN'T lose):

Here's another view:

And another one (just 'cause I like this copper stuff so much):

I also managed to make what I think is a rather pretty bracelet out of lampwork (while using NONE of the new stuff 'cause I'm just crazy like that):

The pretty pink, green and white lampwork beads are by a wonderful eBay artist named Alisha White. Sadly, she hasn't had any new beads listed for eons so I'm not sure she's still making anything. Guess I'm glad I snapped up this set while I had the chance. I've added lots of Czech glass flowers and leaves, some faceted white cat's eye beads and, of course, Swarovski crystals for sparkle. The large, round green beads are ceramic and the clasp is a sterling silver leaf-shaped toggle that I thought was a nice, unusual touch that still kept with the "garden" theme.


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