Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More eye candy!

Since nothing has caught on fire at my house since last Friday, I don't have much exciting to write about.

So, beady eye candy it is!

These beautiful pinky-gold lampwork beads are from a favorite eBay vendor of mine. It's not real obvious in the picture, but she did something inside these beads to give them almost a "crackled" interior. They are truly stunning in real life!

I'm not sure, though, I may like these beads (from the same vendor) even better. The colors sure are luscious!

And just my luck that 5 Fish was having a sale last week and I couldn't resist these beauties with their swirls of blue, green and purple...all my favorite colors!

I bought and used a set similar to this last year except the beads were wine-colored with glittery interiors. The resulting bracelet is one of the best pieces I've ever made so when I saw the same effect in this fabulous, deep cobalt blue, I just had to indulge!

And this picture just speaks for I'll shut up now.

Have a great day, everyone!


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