Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ugrades and Updates

Did a major overhaul on Silver Parrot Designs today and whew! do I need a nice cold drink now! Where's that darn cabana boy when I need him?

I made some big changes on the home page as well as re-listing all the items that have come back from "Bead Trends" now that the March issue has been published. If you haven't checked out this magazine yet, I urge you to do so...and not just because I'm published in it ;-) The photography is beyond outstanding and there are really some great designs and ideas in it. It's sold at Barnes & Noble and also at Michael's (great way to use that 40% off coupon!).

There'll be lots of eye candy posted over the next few days. Not only did I get a couple pairs of earrings finished this weekend (yay!) but I also hit the Costa Mesa Gem Faire so I've got new purchases to show off, too.

Lastly, the editor at "Bead Trends" was nice enough to give me .jpg files of my designs from the magazine so I'll be posting those here as well.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Music: "Misty Mountain Hope" - Led Zeppelin

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