Monday, March 30, 2009


So, no bead or jewelry pictures = no comments? Okay, fine. I see how you people are. Hey, I happen to think sea lions and ferris wheels are cute, but whatever. Let me return you to your regularly scheduled bead viewage ;-)

I found a couple of beautiful sets of beads on Etsy a few weeks ago:

This set is going to look smashing with some black onyx beads and pink jade briolettes that I have in my stash.

This set is so spectacular that I’m going to have to put it away in the stash for a while until I decide what to do with it. Turquoise seems too casual to put with it and the color is right for brass findings and chain, but the bead snob in me is having a horrible time thinking of putting these lovely (AND EXPENSIVE!) works of art with brass. Urgh.

I had hoped to get some jewelry made (or at least started) over the weekend, but thanks to an almost endless list of errands and chores (and I still didn't get the parrot cage cleaned or make it to Old Navy to get pj bottoms for my dad or to Payless to get new shoes for the kidlet) and a freakin' TWO WASTED HOURS on the phone with my website hosting company (merger, site migration, oops they changed my ftp password without telling me DUH!) trying to get new content loaded on my site...that didn't happen.

Thank GOD I am going on vacay next week. If the kidlet doesn't get sick between now and then (oh please oh please oh please DO NOT GET SICK!) that is.

Happy Monday, all!



LillyShayStyle said...

I LOVE that first set of beads!

Anonymous said...

Pearls. that set of blue beads needs pearls.

Silver Parrot said... know, you just reminded me I have some bronze-y/brass-y colored pearls in my stash that would look mahvelous with those beads! Ooh and some topaz and golden shadow Swarovski crystals and...and...

/runs off to immerse self in bead stash\

Marie Cramp said...

I can't wait to see what you make with those stunning beads!