Monday, March 23, 2009

That sound you hear... me tooting my own horn :-)

Now that the April issue of “Bead Trends” is starting to hit people’s mailboxes, I thought I’d go ahead and publish the pictures of my work that appeared in the March issue:

I sure wish I could take pictures like this at home – I’m sure my website would get a lot more interest and traffic if I could. But, alas, I remain photographically challenged.


Oh, and if anyone from Rings N Things still checks in here, I thought you might want to know that this necklace was just accepted for the August, 2009 issue of “Bead Trends.” The beautiful strand of snakeskin jasper that makes up the majority of the piece came from one of your traveling trunk shows.

So, as of this entry, I'm caught up to about February 20th. Hopefully, I can get enough time to post tomorrow to get caught up to the first week of March. Of course, that's assuming no disasters between now and when I get home and that I have time to:

1. Finish the piece I'm working on right now
2. Photograph two new pieces
3. Photoshop my crappy photos to look slightly less crappy
4. Get the new items loaded onto the website and the New Designs page upated
5. Write the blog entry
6. Go to the grocery store
7. Go to the drug store (because, after all, with a life like this, I NEED my drugs)
8. Wash, dry, sort, fold and put away umpty-zillion loads of laundry
9. Put some sort of nutritional and yet appetizing (to him) substance in front of the kid
10. Spend "quality time" with the kid (does watching "Justice League" on Boomerang count?)

Yeah, um, there may or may not be a new blog entry tomorrow LOL!



Marie Cramp said...

Rock on girl!! Your pieces are all fabulous! Someday...


Dave Robertson said...

Hi KJ, now there's a big benefit to getting your stuff published -- having someone else take the pictures of it. :) These pieces look swell, Bead Trends always do good work picking out nice backgrounds & lighting. Congratulations! And thanks for the heads-up on the necklace using jasper from our bead shows...


Anonymous said...

Those photo's are great! Of course, it helps that the jewelry is beautiful too :)


Silver Parrot said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments!!