Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Is it just me or....???

So there's this thing that's been happening to me lately and I finally decided to quit wondering about it and ask if anyone else is experiencing it. It's a little thing and not really worth mentioning except that sometimes I just feel like doing a sanity check to see if I'm the only one who has noticed it.

Here's the scenario:

My oven has been broken for almost 2 years now. Part of that time was lost due to dealing with the whole dad passing away issue and the flood. Then I had a replacement part ordered for it and installed...which didn't fix it. Ordered a second part and had THAT installed...still broken.

I probably just need to give up and replace it, but I haven't mentally accepted that yet.

All of which I mention because it means that over the last two years, I've gotten really adept at using my microwave and my toaster oven and, when all else fails, ordering pizza.

A LOT of pizza.

So I'm pretty familiar with the whole pay the pizza guy at the door scenario. And normally, it goes like this: guy rings doorbell, I open door and hand him a $20, he hands me the pizza and my change and then, based on certain criteria (timeliness, condition of pizza, politeness, etc.) I determine how much I'm going to tip him. Once I determine that, I had him back some money and say "thank you."

Normal, right?

Except lately, when it comes to the change and tip part? It's not going so smoothly. About half the time, instead of handing me my change, the driver asks me "did you need any cash back?"

Why yes, yes I do. Since it's MY money!

And the other half of the time, they hand me back my change LESS the tip that they have decided they've earned.

Now, call me crazy, but isn't it MY decision whether or not you get a tip and how much it's going to be?

And yes, I realized that there's probably something a bit silly in the process of them handing me my change back and then me handing some of that change back to them, but I still think that's the way it ought to be.

Also, I find it embarrassing to have to be the one to say "umm...you forgot my change?" And then some of them have the guts to BITCH about me asking for it.

It's almost gotten to the point where I want to demand all my change back and not tip at all.

Is this an isolated phenomenon? Or have you experienced it, too? If you have - how did you handle it?

And how much should a pizza delivery guy be tipped, anyway?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.


P.S. Does it count as a tip if I fling a couple of strands of seed beads through the open window of the delivery car as it drives away? 'Cuz I can do that...


Leslie Gidden said...

We either write a check or if we order online pay online already....they hand the food over and that's that! I truly can not remember the last time we paid in cash.....no help here except that, IF we were to pay in cash THEY need to give you the change and then YOU give the tip. That's how it works at our local drive-in Sonic and it should be that way elsewhere......where is the government on this? :) ha!

Mary Newton Designs said...

Yes, they should give you your change and let you decide on the tip. The "do you need change" scam is just a tactic to intimidate you. Leslie's idea is good. There are no deliveries where I live now, too far out.

Terri said...

I write a check for the exact amount and keep 1 or 2 dollars in change laying around and use that for the tip, if they earn it.

chacha1 said...

I use my debit card (because I nearly always have minimal cash on hand, it's easier for me not to carelessly spend it that way!) and just write a tip on the slip.

I always tip at least three bucks. Pizza lasts us more than one meal, and that means TWICE I don't have to cook, and maybe we're just lucky but the guys who deliver in our area are all really sweet. I mean, one guy makes goo-goo noises at my cat.

lorelei said...

This happened to my dad and I as we went to pick up some pizza at the restaurant. Dad paid the young cashier, and she said "do you need any change back?" This especially baffled us since there was NO service given, just handed the pizza over to us. Dad laughed and said " uh, YEA!" I dont know if she was expecting a tip for that or what but we talked about it all the way home. so bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Hi, haven't been around lately. We made it to TN and now just adjusting.
I've had waitresses/waiters ask if we need cash back as they take the bill. But I've never had the pizza guys ask this.
It's your money, don't feel bad about asking for your change. I would go for online ordering too, it'll make a lot easier.

Mortira said...

I know times are tough for everyone, but, yikes. Maybe it's time to switch pizza places! Or pay with Debit at the Door, then you put in exactly how much you want to tip.

I usually tip a flat 5 dollars for a $25 order. But our pizza guys are always really nice, too.

What is the world coming to? ;)

TesoriTrovati said...

You are not alone. And one of our favorite places actually charges a delivery fee. So I don't feel it necessary to tip that much. Or there might be a dollar off coupon and I hand them that with my check made out for the exact amount before coupon and tell them to keep it. I know they don't like that because they will have to go back and get the money rather than pocketing it but that is how it is. Lately we pick it up directly or go to Papa Murphy's and get the take and bake kind. But that won't work without an oven. Huh. Sorry about that.

Enjoy the day!

lunedreams said...

We don't ever order pizza so I can't say this has happened to me. But I would guess this is the the New Face of Entitled America. And perhaps a generational thing--Generation Entitled Whether You Earned It Or Not. And oh. So. Wrong. You are absolutely right KJ. A tip is not owed, it is earned, and it is up to you. However, I think Leslie has a good idea. Stop using cash. Pay ahead, and then keep a stash of ones/fives/pennies/lumps of coal for use as tips, to be bestowed per your criteria.

Pretty Things said...

We pay online with a credit card and write the tip in when they get there. Not giving you back the change? Awkward and presumptuous IMHO. I'm an over-tipper, but things like that are a swift way to my forgetfulness on how to work percentages.

Kristen said...

First please don't throw perfectly good seed beads at him that is such a waist! OH My!
I have given up on delivery because it is usually wrong or cold and in that case I am angry anyway! Tips are usually kept at 20% otherwise but I figure that before giving the $ so I don't have to deal with it! I know I am a wuss!
Still I just can't see throwing seed beads at him! I could so use those! LOL


Julianna Cannon said...

I tended bar through college, and having lived on tips I'm a chronic overtipper 95% of the time. Pizza guy usually gets $5, which is part of the reason I started driving the 2 miles to pick it up instead. $5 for 2 miles is excessive even for me.

Cynthia said...

(it's not you!!)
I'm not a pizza person, but I order lunch most days, and have it delivered (we don't get lunch breaks in this sweat shop!!). Here's how I handle it: I figure out the total after tax, then I usually round up and add a dollar. I do all this before they get here, then I don't have to figure it out under pressure! I think $1.00 is a good tip for delivering one sandwich. I occasionally get a driver that has an attitude, like the tip is too little. I just ignore it. And sometimes I give my favorite driver a little more. By figuring it out ahead of time, you hand them the money and tell them how much to hand back. Or, I give the exact amount.
Regardless, it's your money!

Marie Cramp said...

We just go pick it up because it is literally around the corner! We get it twice as fast if we go get it. When I used to get it delivered, if they had no change I would make them get some. If they asked me if I wanted change back, I would refuse to tip them. A tip is not a requirement, it is a "Thank you" for a job well done! If I ordered a pizza and a bottle of soda, if you bring me the wrong one, no tip!! If you do a fantastic job, are super polite and give me back due change, Big tip!! That's how it works for me. If it gets out of hand, call the pizza place and tell them what's happening and how you expect to be treated! They will eventually get the point!

Susanm said...

According to Steve Dublanica, who has recently written, `Keep te Change: A Clueless Tipper`s Quest to Become tge Guru of Gratuity'`the pizza person should get 15 to 20% of the price of the pizza or the cost of a gallon of gas, which ever is higher. And having waitressed through 2 degrees, I can say with authority that the tip gets applied to the price before tax.

You could always complain to the company, but that might have a negative impact on your delivery - you don`t want them to spit on your pizza (apparently iy happens).

I LOVE color! said...

I absolutely love your sence of humoe. Ya throw the beads no not really >:)
T.I.P. is an acronim it means To Insure Prompness. 20% is the accepted fromula and it is determined by the purchaser.
and we should also include plesant attitude alone with it.


I LOVE color! said...

This proves that we are living in a diffrent world tan we were reared up in. Be Blessed


Jenny said...

I can't really add anything useful to the tip discussion, but I will let you know that a couple of years ago, we bought a combo microwave and convection oven and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We use it as either a micro OR an oven; we could use the blended micro/convection feature, but we'd have to learn to cook all over again, so we don't. Something to consider.

Faye said...

Ah Pizza! I could live on it, lol
But I'm with you - I want the amt of tip to be MY choice (geeze!)

I sometimes tend (ok I often tend,roflmo) to hesitate to share my checking account number via check (call me paranoid). So this is how overcame the tip dilema:

I find out the exact total of the pizza & delivery when I place the order. I have that exact amt ready in hand before the pizza arrives.

Next I make sure I have singles in my pocket and after paying for the exact price of the pizza and delivery I then hand over the tip based on how pleased I am about time, condition of food***, attitude etc. Granted it's a pain to have exact change and ones for tip on hand but it works for me!

*I once had a pizza delivered when on vacation that arrived via the bed of a pickup truck. The pizza box was sealed with tape, so it was fine but had apparently slid like a pool ball all over the back of the truck bed. G-force pizza isn't pretty, roflmao! But (of course) I wasn't about to waste perfectly good pizza....