Monday, November 29, 2010

Reports of my Death...

...have been greatly exaggerated ;-)

Sorry for the long absence - I just needed a mental vacation. I felt like my brain was going stagnant and that was leading to no creativity in my jewelry and a seriously boring blog.

I feel somewhat refreshed (coulda used a couple more days, though) and even got some pieces made yesterday. You know your muse is absent when it takes five days of vacation before you have even a glimmer of a desire to create something!

It figures she decides to show back up right when vacation is over.


In other news, I got almost all my Christmas shopping done in one giant power-shop on Wednesday. I did this last year for the first time and it was so successful that I decided to make it a yearly thing. No fighting the insane Black Friday crowds for me! Plus, I find that everything is picked over by then anyway.

By going on Wednesday, everything is fully stocked and a lot of stores already have their deals and sales in place as preparation for Friday, anyway.

And, also, it cuts down on the chances that I will actually kill someone for their rampant stupidity in the parking lot because I'm so $(#)&)!! irritated with the crowds and craziness.

So, shopping accomplished and me not awaiting arraignment.

I call that a win-win.

Hit Target to take care of the three boys (my son and two nephews). Hit Old Navy to get some things for my mom and sister-in-law (and a couple things for myself because I am my own Santa Claus). Ran into Bath & Body Works (conveniently located right next to Old Navy) to get stocking stuffers for all the girls. Got supplies ordered for jewelry prezzies.

Only person not taken care of is my brother. Because he failed to follow my oh-so-explicit instructions about getting me his wishlist (despite two reminder phone calls).

Men. Why can't they learn to follow simple instructions?


Oh, and he tried to give some BS excuse about how he was all busy running the nuclear plant and working late and all. Like that is somehow more important than me being able to get all my Christmas shopping done in one day.


Dude - you are so getting light-up socks and the stale leftover candy canes from last year.

Maybe in future you will learn not to mess with my master plan.

Oh, and I'm totally telling Mom on you, too.

So there.


P.S. Hope to get the blog back to normal this week with some fun posts so stay tuned! Hope everyon had a happy turkey day. I ate massive amounts of pecan pie so all was good.


TesoriTrovati said...

I don't think I implied you were DEAD... but I am very glad to hear that you were only laying low. I was starting to feel abandoned ;-)

Glad you are back!
And damn those men who mess with the best laid plans!

Enjoy the day!

mairedodd said...

your brain sure seems refreshed to me - you had me laughing out loud... something i so appreciate... your almost complete master plan blows my non-existent plan out of the water... congratulations~

Pretty Things said...

LOL -- light up socks! Want a tie with that?

Kristen said...

Oh you are sooooo back my sweet KJ! I would love to power shop with you it sounds like a blast! I was starting to wonder if I should start calling the institutions in your area looking for the "Bead Porn Queen" but I thought they might trace me and then where would we be?


SummersStudio said...

Yeah, you are back! You know we all need a break once in a while. But boring? You are never boring.

kelleysbeads said...

I think you should also get him soap on a rope! Glad you got the rest of your shopping done and your sanity/creativity/muse has returned :)

hello gorgeous said...

haha! you ARE the funniest little your ramblings ;o)

Glad you are back, but quite frankly thought this was a witty little post anyway....

An hour and a half it took me....need a few odds and sods but I find it's the best way to do the crowds and doesn't give you a headache!! ha! job done!!!


hello gorgeous xxx

Cynthia said...

I'm so glad you're back. I was having bead porn withdrawals, so I looked at the previous bead porn to get myself over the hump. (it worked!)
Congrats on getting the shopping done - but you should keep the "day before Thanksgiving shopping" a secret, or everyone will start shopping on that day. Then you'll have to shop the day before that, or the day before that....I think you see where this is heading. Soon you'll be shopping in July!!

Marie Cramp said...

Pecan Pie is my absolute favorite!! {next to French Canadian Sugar Pie} I think you sound pretty much back to normal to me! You totally have to get him Light up socks!! Imagine him walking around the nuclear plant with those on!!! LMAO!!
Have a great weekend! I will be back tomorrow for long overdue bead Porn and I can't wait to see the Blog hop!