Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Major, across-the-board price reductions in my Etsy jewelry store! I've just edited all the listings to bring the prices down just in time for the holidays.

In some cases, prices have been lowered as much as 50-60% and shipping has been reduced as well!

Be sure to take advantage of the fact that I've temporarily lost my mind!

Deals and steals available HERE.

Also, both the jewelry store AND the resin bead store will have new listings going up gradually over the rest of the week. Hope to start that process tonight, but it depends on how much homework the kid has. Last night was 5 pages of double-digit subtraction and man, was it PAINFUL!

Anyway, point is, keep checking back this week for new stuff ;-)

Happy shopping!



Marie Cramp said...

Great sale! Hope you do well! :) {I hate math homework}

Barbara Lewis said...

I love your resin work, Kelly! You shouldn't have any trouble clearing out your shops! Double-digit subtraction ... I have to invisibly count on my fingers!