Monday, April 02, 2012

Long Overdue

The past 12-18 months have been so consumed with dealing with Ryan's ADD and issues at school that I have had to let a lot of things blogging, keeping up with friendships the way I should and, oh, about 1,000 other things. However, I'm finally starting to see some daylight with Ryan (more on that in a future post) and I'm determined to get caught up on some outstanding business.

For instance, I have this wonderful, dear friend named Erin. We've never met in person (although it feels like we have!), but through the wonderful medium of the Internet, we not only stumbled across each other's beading blogs but also started exchanging e-mails and realized that we are sorority sisters. Erin has gone out of her way to listen to me bitch, moan and blog about everything under the sun all while maintaining such a wonderfully supportive attitude (and never telling me to shut up which I wouldn't blame her if she yearned to do because I have complained A LOT) and even sending me beads in the mail as little emotional "pick me ups." And she has an uncanny sense of the perfect time to send them, too.

But she doesn't just send any beads. No, Miss Erin is an arteest so she had to go out and develop her own line of personalized polymer clay pendants called "Simple Truths." She started sending me some over a year ago. And then she sent me another...and another...and another. Each time, she personalized the design and the quote to fit something I'd said in an e-mail or something that was going on in my life at the time.

And did I, as a good friend should, blog about them and help to publicize them? No. I had every intention of doing it, but things seemed to just keep interfering. But, I never forgot that I NEEDED to do it and finally, last month, I rounded up as many of them as I could find (the stash is a bit...ummm...overwhelming to search through right now) and at least got the pictures taken.

And now, I can finally blog about them:

Each pendant comes stamped with a unique design on the front.

Here's a closeup of the front of the heart design.

And the quote on the back.

Of course, Miss Erin hasn't exactly been sitting on her hands waiting for anyone else to help her publicize these. She's been seen and notice all over the place...witness how this particular design made the cover of "Stringing" last Fall.

At one point, Erin kept asking me what kind of design I'd like to really personalize a pendant for myself. I told her I love all things ocean-y and that I'd especially like a dolphin since that's one of the symbols of the sorority we share. I don't think she had a dolphin stamp at the time, but she kept a look out for one and came up with this design. Then she asked me for a quote and I...drew a total blank. For weeks (actually it might have been months...I'm so ashamed) I kept it in the back of my mind always thinking about it, but had so much on my plate mentally and emotionally at the time that I just couldn't get around finalizing an answer. Finally, she reminded me one day about it and I sort of popped off that I felt like that Adele song "Rolling in the Deep" because I was sinking fast in the sea of Life.

Well, she took my silly comment and came up with this beautiful quote and sent me this gorgeous dolphin pendant.

Then it was wintertime and I noticed on her blog that she was making these stunning pastel snowflakes and I left a comment or sent her an e-mail or something and next thing I knew, she was asking me for another quote.

I made yet another ridiculous comment about needing my troubles to melt like snowflakes or something...

...and this is what I got in return.

So, here's to you, my dear friend Erin. I am so very grateful for the bond we share, your generosity, friendship, support during my dark times and most especially for your patience while I got my act together to post this long overdue, but heartfelt "THANK YOU." I am determined that one day we will meet in person so I can give you a hug, but in the meantime, this post will have to do.

Delta love,



SummersStudio said...

I really, really like the way Erin has put together this whole line of pendants that incorporate images and words. I love that you've shared your story about your friendship and your own words. It's good to hear from you and that things might be settling for you.

Jamie-Lynn said...

That was a lovely post and those pendants are very sweet!

Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Aww, lucky you KJ! Erin is indeed an inspiration and a sweetie! I won one of her owl pendants and have it tucked away until the perfect design pops into my head.

You make sure you find a way to take some time for yourself to rejuvenate. Easier said than done I know, but you need to fuel yourself so you can be the best you can be dealing with the kiddo. I speak from experience - 1 of my 4 has a severe case of ADD (one of the worst the child psychiatrist had seen when he was evaluated), and 2 others have severe ADHD (one was heavily medicated for that and other issues and one has never taken medication, though now at 21 thinks she may need some help with focus).

The kiddo is lucky to have a mom who as attentive as you are to take such good care of him. Just remember that you have to take care of yourself too!

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh Miss Kelly! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes at the generous and kind things that you have said about me. What a treat to find this pop up in my reader. I do believe that life gives us the people in our lives when we need them most, and you and I are surely kindred spirits. Not only are we sorority sisters for life, but I feel that if ever were to meet face to face we would act as if we had known each other our whole lives! I do think about you daily and know that even if we have a lapse of time when we aren't as connected as we would like that we can always pick up where we left off. That is what true friends are all about.

Thank you so much for this lovely blog post. I never expected you to write about them, but I am thrilled that these humble little simple truths have made an impact on you. May their modern wisdom be your guide.

Enjoy the day, dear friend!

Delta love, and mine,