Wednesday, March 12, 2014


That is what the last few days have been...a whirlwind!  Certainly no time for being too creative!  I did manage to force out one pair of earrings on Sunday, but it was such an extreme effort that I stopped after that.

Why does the creativity flow like a tidal wave sometimes and other times it feels like I need a mental laxative to unblock things? (yeah, I know, sorry for that visual, but that IS how it feels!)

Here's what the last few days have been like:

Thursday - travel to L.A. for a deposition.  Finished and got on the freeway home at 4:15 PM...arrived home at 7:00 PM.  I only live 50 miles from L.A. so yeah, that was NOT FUN.

Friday - came in early, stayed late and worked through lunch since I was covering for 2 people who are on vacation.  Raced home to pick up the kid, spent an hour at Sport Chalet picking up the remaining items he needed for the campout this weekend, had dinner, went home and supervised his packing efforts (now that he is in Boy Scouts, he is supposed to do all the packing himself).  SOOOO hard to keep a kid with ADD on task for something like this and NOT jump in and do it yourself because you know you can get it done in 20 minutes instead of 3 hours.  Finally fell into bed exhausted at 11:00 PM because once he was packed up and had gone to bed, I still had dishes and laundry to do.

Saturday - alarm is set for 5 AM because drop off for the campout is at 6:30 AM.  I woke up at 3 AM and couldn't get back to sleep!  ARGH!  Arrived at 6:30 AM and stood around until 7:15 when they finally left.  Went home, crawled back into bed and slept until noon (there is something screwed up with my internal clock wherein my body has decided its preferred sleeping time is from 6 AM to 12 PM which does NOT work when you have a DAY JOB). 

Woke up and realized I told my mom I would call her BEFORE noon to figure out our plans for the day which potentially included buying a new car since ye olde Saturn VUE is giving every indication that it is soon to shuffle off this mortal coil (and various other expensive, replacement-parts-no-longer-exist pieces) and head for that big freeway in the sky.

Mom wasn't as keen on the whole buying thing (of course...because HER car is fine LOL) but was willing to help me get the VUE cleaned up in preparation for trade-in and also possibly go do some test driving of new cars with me but could I please not show up for a couple of more hours as her day wasn't going any more efficiently than mine.

I grabbed lunch and ran various errands that I can't do so easily when the kid is around (beauty supply store for new shampoo and nail salon for a looooooong overdue pedicure) and got to mom's house around 3 PM.  We spent an hour cleaning out the car and then headed out to the various dealerships.

At Honda, I test drove the 2014 CRV and the 2014 Pilot.  The Pilot is waaayyy too big (also way too expensive) for me, but wow is it awesome.  The CRV is also really nice inside, but I'm worried that it's too small.  I feel like Goldilocks!  We did go over to Toyota and tried to test drive the Rav 4 (for the second time), but something is wrong at that dealership and they do not have their act together as this turned out to be the second bad experience we've had there.

By then, it was getting dark so we gave up on Toyota and headed to dinner:  Zen Sushi and then the yogurt place next door for dessert.  They had a new flavor:  pecan praline!  Yummmm!  I finally made it home and to bed around 10 PM.

Sunday morning = my least favorite day of the year aka Spring Forward!  Bahhh!  I HATE this day!

Most of the morning was chore time until I had to leave to go pick Ryan up from the campout.  Sat in the parking lot for almost an extra hour as guess what?  The scouts didn't have clocks to set forward up at the campsite so they were still on Fall Backward time.

Kid finally showed up filthy and exhausted, but happy.  He managed to come home with everything he left with except (as I found out later) one sock.  He also happily informed me that he did not brush his teeth or shower (like I couldn't figure that out from seeing the Kool-Aid stains around his mouth, the spaghetti stains on his leg, and the dirt under his fingernails LOL).

Then we still had to do grocery shopping and after that, of course, he was hungry so we went to Subway and got lunch.  Then home, unpacking, laundry (there was some kind of spectacular failure of his camelback so all his stuff got wet) and finally, about 3 PM, I got a chance to sit down for a few minutes.

Got all my beading stuff out, looked at it and thought "I'm too tired for this."  I gave myself 30 minutes to rest...then 30 more...then made the ONE pair of earrings (after much mucking about with ideas I didn't like) and then...gave up and threw in the towel.

I know when I'm beaten (well, eventually).

Hence no photos for the blog and no new stuff to talk about.  The one pair of earrings is for a reveal on 3/21 having to do with Earrings Everyday so you'll have to wait until then to see those.  Hopefully this weekend my creativity will be back on-line and life will be less hectic.

Probably not, but one can always dream :-)

Ryan leaving for his first campout!  At least he was clean when he left!



thecolorofdreams said...

Wow, your life is hectic, your son is adorable and your jewelry is beautiful.
Have a good weekend. I hope you find a car you like.

Kristen said...

I am exhausted reading it!!!!