Friday, June 27, 2014

More Linen Cord

I had so much fun playing in the Waxed Linen Cord Blog Hop that I just couldn't stop creating more pieces and continuing to work on my techniques.  One item that I had an issue with was getting a loop on a bracelet to be the right size for the closure so I made a few more to practice that technique:

This bracelet started with a hand-painted ceramic bead from my LBS and then I used gold cord and size 8 aqua seed beads for the bracelet.  The button is brown coconut from Michael's - they come in a box in all different shapes and sizes for like $3.99 which is perfect because you get enough buttons that you could make 20+ bracelets and the neutral brown color goes with pretty much everything.  There's another box where the coconut buttons are all different jewel tones (emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc.) with a few brighter pinks and greens thrown in.

This version started with a Kazuri bead in swirls of denim blue and lemon yellow.  I added denim blue cord, orange size 8 seed beads and a textured copper button from Second Surf.
I still don't think I got the loop size completely right on the first bracelet - it's a little tight.  But the orange one is perfect.


Steph L. said...

That loop that you made for the button is so cute. Is there a tutorial somewhere that you used?

Shaiha said...

I got in a lot of buttons that I need to use. My problem is that some of them are rather large and they really need to be the feature. I love the way that you are highlighting yours with the loops.

Barbara said...

so happy to see you used a button! hope you love them! xoxo.