Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Much ado about nothing...

...'cause that's what's happening around here...a whole lot of NADA! Which is why I haven't written in *gasp!* 8 whole days! Nothing to write about :-) I was going to continue ranting about the Minnesota Vikings, but since they lost this weekend (and good riddance) I suppose it's rather pointless. I did read something today that says perhaps there's a chance they might trade Moss for some decent defensive players (which heaven knows they REALLY need) but I'm still not sure I see them giving him up because of his talent. Even if they're sick of him there...not sure they'd want anyone else to have him LOL!

Lessee...what else? Ryan turned the big 2 years old last Friday! Can't believe the time has gone so fast, but he's really a big boy now! We're having a party for him this Saturday...should be fun. I'm going to try to get a "Thomas the Tank Engine" cake design for him as that is his favorite.

Made a sale on the website yesterday...goody for me :-) Also got a few more new designs up and will post a picture here shortly.

That's it...oh, except Ruth Warrick who played Phoebe Tyler Wallingford on "All My Children" died over the weekend...very sad!

Take care all!


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Jenie said...

Oh, I used to *love* Ruth Warrick. She could chew scenery like nobody's business and she and Langley were my favorite couple. (I got hooked on AMC when I was in college.) She was a neat lady. :(