Monday, January 10, 2005

Another week, another website!

The website is all up to date for 2005 as promised. I've gort an entire new section devoted to all the holidays/seasons of the year starting with Valentine's Day. I did a lot of work with pink, white and red getting ready for the upcoming "day of romance" and now I'm working on a whole "green" series for St. Patrick's day. Here's the link to the site:

It's soooo nice (and amazing) to be ahead of schedule for a change. It helps that kidlet has managed to stay well for a while now (knock on wood!)

And....we haven't washed away yet, either, despite essentially a week of relentless rain. I don't think I ever remember so many days in a row of rain with no breaks the entire time I've lived here. Thanks, El Nino!

Despite all that, I took kidlet to the Aquarium of the Pacific on Saturday and we had a great time. He really enjoyed looking at all the "big fish." And he was such a good boy, too. Slept in the car on the way there and back and never whined or cried or caused any problems at all...even when I accidentally bonked his head on an exhibit window as I was trying to lift him up to give him a better view. Poor guy. Here he's such an amazing kid and yet mom is such a lame-o LOL!

On a sad note...I'll have more time to put in on jewelry-making as my two post-season teams in the NFL BOTH lost their Wild Card games this weekend. ARRRGGHH! San Diego and Green Bay are both out :-( Minnesota is still in and normally I would root for them (except when they are playing the Packers, I root for the Vikings to support my DH who is from Minnesota) but after seeing Randy Moss's idiotic behavior the last couple of weeks, I think I'll be rooting for whoever is playing AGAINST Minnesota. Take the 'fro and go, Randy! You are an immature, classless brat and I have NO IDEA why your stunt yesterday didn't earn you a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. Brett Favre has more class in his pinky toe than you have in your entire body! Such a nice example you set for your younger fans...NOT!

Okay, rant over.

Don't forget to go check out updated website at

Take care all!


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