Wednesday, January 19, 2005

New Pics

I promised a few new pics and just uploaded them. One of my goals for this year was to stop hoarding all of my gorgeous lampwork beads that I've spent the last few years collecting and actually USE some of them! I'm so glad I did because I think the results are pretty spectacular (even if I do say so myself). There really are some fantastic lampwork artists out there and I just love having the opportunity to create with some of their work. I've taken a few lampworking classes myself and would love to do my own beads some day...but since it requires quite a workshop set up for safety as well as a kiln...well...a girl can dream! LOL!

Enjoy the new pretties and of course, everything is for sale at

I'm sure everyone wants to come buy and make some purchases to support my kiln dream, right? LOL...yeah, that's what I thought!

Take care all!


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