Sunday, July 23, 2006

A (small) book review and other thoughts...

First, the book review (such as it is). Who knew that I'd have LESS time for reading while unemployed than I did when I was working full time? I guess I no longer have that dedicated hour in the Toshiba cafeteria each day to read while eating my lunch...

Anyway, I did manage to finish a book this week and would you believe that Betsy Taylor, Vampire Queen, is up to her usual shenanigans in "Undead and Unreturnable"? I've been really enjoying this series for the light, fluffy, brain candy that it is, but this installment was not as good as the earlier books. Betsy is still her shallow, vain, vampire self and the dialogue is still snappy and humorous, but the plot was nearly nonexistent. Yeah, sure, the Driveway Killer is on the loose, but Betsy and crew seem to be hardly involved in the case at all until the book comes to a very quick (and very predictable) conclusion. Most of the action that occurs seems to be merely set up for things to be resolved in a later installment. I hate that. Also, Cathie the ghost is annoying and there's still too much in the way of graphic sex. But, for a summer beach or pool read, this series can't be beat and I suppose it's worth reading this book just to keep up with the storyline so you'll know what's going on in the next book. Or not.

I've got some more substantial books coming up in the "to be read" pile so hopefully future reviews won't be so "lite."

In personal matters, court tomorrow to resolve pretty much everything. I hope. This crap has been dragging on way too long and I just want it to be over. Things are looking up on the job front as well. I had an interview this week that seemed to go very well so I'm hoping I'll get an offer from this company soon.

But enough of that. I'll get to the good stuff. I met Literate Guy for a lunch date today! Okay, WOW! He is SOOOO cute! I don't know how it went from his end, but I had a great time. We talked until almost 4 PM. I think he was enjoying it, too, but maybe both of us just didn't want to brave the unbelievable heat wave going on outside?

Speaking of which... Dude! What is UP with the weather??? It is helluv hot outside and has been for over a month and doesn't show any signs of letting up and now we're getting humidity, too? WTH??? This is not supposed to happen in So Cal. We're supposed to be sunny and 75 like ALL the time. Who didn't get the memo?

Anyway, back to my lunch date. I've been out of the game so long that I'm not sure if a hug and an "I'll call you" is still a kiss-off or not, but that's how we ended things. Still, I would definitely go out with him again if asked. It was fun. And did I mention that he's CUTE???

So, wish me luck that all goes well tomorrow in court, the job comes through and (cute) Literate Guy calls me back!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


P.S. I do have some jewelry coming, too. I've got another embroidered cuff project almost completed and I'm playing around with a multi-strand necklace design incorporating some fibers, silver chain and beads. We'll see what happens with it...

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Jenie said...

i've yet to meet the guy who won't happily face the heat to get rid of a chick he doesn't dig. seriously, wouldn't you, to get rid of a guy you weren't into? i don't know about the hug/i'll call thing. i have NEVER been good at reading those things. i once left a date figuring it was so awful there was no way in hell the guy would ever call and thanking my lucky stars that was the case, and then he actually called from his cell phone on the way home and asked me out again. so obviously, i am not an accurate judge of date reactions at all. but i would assume if he meant to kiss you off, he wouldn't have hugged? ::sigh:: i've no clue.