Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Open Letter to Bath & Body Works

Dear Bath and Body Works,

PLEASE STOP DISCONTINUING MY SIGNATURE SCENTS!! I mean, you’re defeating the entire purpose of me even HAVING a signature scent…which is that I am known for wearing a particular fragrance all the time. Doing that sort of kind of requires that there be a place to go to replenish said fragrance as needed.

Now, I cut you guys some slack two years ago when you discontinued my previous signature fragrance, Freesia, because, hey, every company makes at least one boneheaded decision on occasion, right? Besides, winter was coming on and I discovered your “Warm Vanilla Sugar” scent to carry me through the colder months. By the time summer rolled around, you had “Gardenia” on the shelves and I found it to be perfect for my warm weather fragrance selection.

But now you’ve gone and discontinued “Gardenia” and I am seriously peeved. PEEVED, I tell you! I do NOT have enough left to get me through Spring, much less Summer. Even the Vanilla is almost gone and it’s too heavy for warm weather anyway. None of your other selections, including the new “Enchanted Orchid” (blech, by the way) will do and I am SOOOO not wasting the pricey Marc Jacobs perfume on daily office wear.

So, I’m afraid I have no choice but to out you here on the blog as the rotten discontinuer-of-signature-fragrances that you most certainly are. Obviously, given the high level of traffic on this site, major economic impact will ensue.

You’ve been warned!



P.S. Do NOT discontinue the “Vanilla” fragrance for next winter or I cannot be responsible for the consequences!

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Leslie Todd said...

Yes, I hope they don't discontinue the Warm Vanilla Sugar. It's one of the few fragrances I'm not allergic too....

Silver Parrot said...

I agree. I did find, however, that the gardenia fragrance products are still available on their website. Why they don't still have it in the stores is beyond me.