Monday, February 11, 2008

2008 Resolutions (finally!)

1. Get back to goal weight.
I’m so ticked off at myself for backsliding in this area, but I’m determined to get back on track with it. I will NEVER go back to the way I was before. Other than Ryan’s safety and well-being, this has got to be the number one priority in my life right now.

2. Keep blog updated on a regular basis and figure out some way to drive readership.
It’s only February and I’m obviously not doing so hot with this one yet. I started this entry the first week of January and am only getting around to finishing it now. Obviously, improvement is needed here, but in my defense, I have been sick, had crazy amounts of work and am still doing about 90% of the parenting. I may also be dipping my toe back in the dating waters ;-)

3. Get back to writing regular book reviews.
I’m still reading, but finding the time to write about it has been tough. I’m going to try to post the year’s first review by this Friday, though.

4. Finish the re-decorating project in my bedroom.
Is it bad that there’s still a strip of painter’s tape on my ceiling from last summer when I painted my “accent wall?” How about the fact that I haven’t re-painted the other three walls to cover up the accidental splotches of “accent” color that got on them because I am NOT a good painter? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I need home decorating help. But it needs to be free!

5. Get new flooring and couches for the downstairs.
Have looked at flooring and couches for months now until I’m sick of the whole thing. Cannot find what I want. The search continues…gag.

6. Cull the book collection until it’s down to a reasonable size.
Got the boxes to do this. Need the time.

7. Ride the bike once a week.
This has been going well with the following exceptions:
-Serious knee injury this weekend (and by serious I mean that my right kneecap is no longer visible due to swelling). Lovely.

8. Take a trip somewhere I’ve never been before.
This one I’ve at least made some progress on. I’m going to Scottsdale, AZ in March. Of course, it’s for business, not pleasure, but at least I get to stay at a really fancy-schmancy resort! AND I will hopefully get at least enough free time for a side trip to Scottsdale Bead Supply. YUMMY! Other ideas are a long weekend in New York complete with a Broadway show and lots of touristy stuff (and shopping of course) or maybe the Tucson Bead Shows in 2009. The latter will require a LOT of saving up between now and then…not sure I’m up to it because there will probably be many, many cute shoes that need buying and 2009 is soooo far away. Of course, I will not get to actually WEAR any of them (see #7 above regarding serious knee injury…and no, Sparkle, knee injury was not CAUSED by cute shoes…just my natural lack of grace).

Cute shoes…always my downfall. In fact, cute shoes are probably the underlying cause for the decline of Western society. I bet there was some early A.D. equivalent of Jimmy Choo right before the collapse of the Roman empire.



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