Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I signed up for this on purpose, right?

I love being a mom. I really, really do. I could wish the "ick" factor were a little lower, though. Poor kidlet came down with stomach bug in the middle of the night on Monday night (and can someone please tell me why this stuff never happens at 2 PM in the afternoon or some other time when I'm actually AWAKE and CAN FUNCTION??).

Since his bathroom is still under construction from the great flood of March, 2009, he has to use mine. So, I'll let you guess what happened to my bedroom carpet as he ran, at midnight, from his bedroom down the hallway, through my bedroom and into my bathroom to get sick.

And again at 2 AM (because he forgot that by then I'd put a wastbasket next to his bed).

And again at 4 AM (when he tried for the basket and missed and got his entire bed instead).

So, I cleaned him up 3 times, cleaned my carpet up twice, cleaned his bed up once, cleaned my bathroom up twice, took out 3 trashbags full of ICK and took two showers of my own...all between midnight and 5 AM.

Fun times. suddenly occurs to me that blog entries like this are maybe the reason I don't have more readers/commenters? Perhaps I've entered crossed the "oversharing" line?

Then again, if I have to be up in the middle of the night scrubbing my carpet, don't I have the right to at least whine about it one time? I think so.

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SummersStudio said...

Whinge away!!!! I've been there myself. The answer to why this only ever happens in the middle of the night is somewhere in instruction book issued at birth. You did get that right? It's right under the part where you are reassured that "just because I said so" is a perfectly good answer to "why."

Marie Cramp said...

I have been there!! I can not think of anything worst than that in the parenthood part of our lives. I went into a stress induced depression in Feb of '08 because I was trying to take care of all 4 of my sick ones at the same time!! I wanted to die! So I sympathize completely.


SueBeads said...

I so hear you! When my daughter was little the same thing happpened with a bad hot dog. Just a few months ago, happened with bad zoo chicken lunch. I had my own little surprise on my engineer's birthday dinner night, and they all got to hear it while eating steak, lovely green beans and baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. I felt really bad about that one! Hey, here's your oversharing comment!

Kaos Siberians said...

Pulease. I have dogs. Kid ick is NOTHING. We can trade ick anytime. :-)

Ruralrose said...

Been there - wish I had someone to complain to too - this is why blogging is good, no? Hope the little gaffer is better soon. A little vinegar rinse on the carpet will do wonders to get rid of the smell. You are good at your job. Peace

Silver Parrot said...

Thanks, Summer. Any time you're up for a good dose of mom whining - I guess you know which blog to come to LOL!

Silver Parrot said...

Sue - so glad I'm not alone in the overshare dept. Hey, at least I edited out the part about what color it was ;-)

Silver Parrot said...

Sparkle - You're trying to win for most "icky"? Really? LOL. Okay, I graciously award you the title (but at least you have the option of tossing the little furry monsters outside after the first incident and I can't get away with that)

Silver Parrot said...

Rural - thanks for the suggestion. I'll try the vinegar. I used Shout carpet cleaner, but it didn't seem to do much good. At this point I just want to rip the entire carpet out and replace it because I don't think I can EVER get it clean enough LOL!