Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Random Thoughts

  1. Although I’m probably the only person over the age of 14 on the planet watching “American Idol”, I’m going to admit to it anyway and say I was kinda sorry to see Paul go home last night. Although I know his voice and style are not for everyone, I appreciated his uniqueness in a time when it seems like a lot of the established “stars” are so cookie cutter. However, I was secretly glad that Haley didn’t go home even though she very obviously had the worst performance on Wednesday night. Her problem is consistency. One week she comes out and kills it and the next week…eh. Then last night on the results show, she was fantastic. I was like “why didn’t you do that on WEDNESDAY when it MATTERED?” I wonder if her nerves get to her.

  2. I’d heard this was in the works, but SO sad to see it actually came true. ABC cancelled “All My Children.” A show I have been watching since 1983. That’s 28 YEARS, people. That’s a LOT of emotional investment. Funny thing is, I had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming. You see, in high school, I watched “Days of Our Lives.” Mostly because my mom watched it and I used to go home for lunch every day and she’d have it on so I sort of got sucked into it. Then off I went to college and I would head over to the sorority house every day lunch (hey, it was free). My first day there (I was a freshman and only a pledge at the time), I flipped on the TV and turned it to DOOL and about 5 minutes later a group of older girls walked in and were like “Oh HELL no!” Turns out the Tri Delta house was ALL about the “All My Children.” So, I either had to switch soap operas or give up my free lunch. I was leaning towards giving up the lunch when Michael E. Knight aka Tad Martin walked onto the screen and that was IT. I was hooked. Not to mention how much fun it was that we all as a group picked apart Susan Lucci’s wardrobe choices every day. Even now, I can mentally snark apart anyone’s clothing choices in about 2 seconds flat. And I still love me some Tad Martin ;-)

  3. I paid $4.21 a gallon for gas today. WTH? Sometimes…living in California really sucks. On the other hand, it’s supposed to be in the mid-80’s tomorrow and we are going to the beach so, y’know, I guess everything balances out.

  4. Have you ever had the experience where a randomly bad choice of words is coming out of your mouth and you can hear what you’re saying and realize that “Oh CRAP, I shouldn’t have said that” kind of in slow motion? But it’s still too late to stop the words and they come out anyway and then there’s dead silence from the person you said them to and you just know you’ve made a major blunder? Yeah, I did that yesterday. Then spent the rest of the day stewing about it and feeling like sh*t. And now I’m stuck wondering if an apology will just stir things up and highlight my blunder more and I should just let it go… Being a social nitwit is such a burden sometimes.

  5. I instituted a partial fix on my Yahoo IM last night. Got the password changed which hopefully blocks the idiot from yesterday from doing any MORE damage. Got my avatar re-set. Cannot seem to completely get rid of the picture she uploaded – it still shows up on the avatar menu as an option so I have to look at her creepy face. Got my new AVG virus/firewall/spam protection downloaded and ran a scan of the system. Only problem left is that the hacker managed to upload a truly gigantic contact list into my Yahoo IM address book and either because of something she did or because this is just how Yahoo IM is, they can only be deleted one address at a time. If I try to delete multiples, I just get an error message that says “server error.” And the more I tinkered with it, the worse it got to the point where I couldn’t delete ANY of the addresses. So, I ended up completely uninstalling Yahoo IM last night out of sheer frustration. Because as long as all those people remain in my address book and contact list, they can continue to send me messages (disgusting ones at that). I’ve sent an e-mail request for help to Yahoo, but of course, have only gotten the standard canned response. Whereupon I sent a really scathing e-mail in return because, of course, I’d already done everything they suggested in the canned e-mail (which basically boiled down to “change your password”). Anyway, to all my IM friends, unless you hear otherwise directly from me via e-mail or the blog, anything you get from my IM address at this point is NOT me. I don’t think there will be anything else now that I’ve changed my password, but just in case. If I ever go back to Yahoo IM, I’ll let you all know ahead of time.

So ready for the beach now, but at least me and my buddy Julie are going bead shopping at a new bead store on our lunch hour today ;-)



Copper Diem said...

#4. Oh, only ALL THE TIME.

TesoriTrovati said...

I am an on-again-off-again watcher of American Idol. Used to be glued to the tube. But now I have other priorities. I am not sure who Haley or Paul are, but I love me som Casey! And I think that Pia was pretty, but I wasn't sold on her. And with looks like that she will be around for a loooonnnnggg time.

I heard about AMC too. My mom was a bit Susan Lucci fan back in the day. And I remember Nina and the crew as my favorites. Oh yes! Tad Martin! Forgot about him! But in college I was a die hard DOOL fan! In my Tri Delta house there were three floors with three TV lounges. I can still recall that the third floor was DOOL (in the Patch and Kayla years), I think the main floor was AMC and the 2nd floor was whatever was on CBS. You never messed with the floors but we each would sabotage each other. You just gave me a glimpse into how similar our Tri Delta experiences must have been!
I just paid $3.84 for gas. And one $50 gift card at BP only got me less than 3/4 of a tank. But I don't have the beach, so I think you might have the better part of that deal.
Wishing you the best and brightest this day!
Enjoy the day!

EmandaJ said...

Eh! what a pain! Technology is a blessing and a curse, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

OMG! NO, you are not the only one. I made it part way thru the show. I guess there is no need to watch the rest now. You might wanna think about renaming your post to SPOILER ALERT. Oh, and thanks a lot.