Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Hangover

I invented that term this morning when neither the kid nor I felt like getting out of bed to face the fact that it was oh-my-gosh-Monday-already.

I don't know if it was all the busyness of the weekend or too much Easter candy or what, but I could've used about 10 more hours of sleep!

Friday started out with half a day at the office and then it was off to have a parent/teacher conference at Ryan's school. I met with his teacher to go over the results of Ryan's recent testing that shows that he has the "inattentive" form of ADHD. Given that this teacher has been a problem and a sore spot for me all year long, I didn't really expect much, but I have to say I was surprised when the principal showed up halfway through the meeting (unannounced) to tell me that the school district wouldn't accept any of the test results or recommendations. I needed to sign a form so the district could perform their OWN evaluation and then they would only provide accommodations based on THEIR results.

Which I think is bureacratic budget speak for "we've gotta knock as many kids as possible out of the program because we don't gots no money."

The teacher seemed genuinely surprised when I showed him the PILE of blank classwork that Ryan has been bringing home for the last two weeks. Claimed it "must have happened when the substitute teacher was here." Gee, do you think that's why all the parents are pissed off that there is a sub EVERY WEEK for at least a day or two?

So, after that ginormous waste of time, it was off to use the rest of my afternoon to cram in Easter Bunny shopping for Ryan and my two nephews, then back to pick him up and get dinner.

Around 8 PM, I came to the HORRIBLE REALIZATION that my phone was nowhere to be found. Last time I remembered seeing it? Outside the classroom before the conference. Off we went, the kid and I, in a total panic, to the deserted school campus. In the dark. To search for a lost phone in the bushes outside his classroom.

No joy.

I did eventually find it that night, but I won't tell you where because it's embarrassing and makes me look like (even more of) an idiot.

Saturday morning was the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt and pancake breakfast. My brother and his family joined us. Many eggs were found and many pancakes were eaten. Then off we went to the park to hang out and let the kids play for a while.

They were all just leaving when Ryan's dad showed up for his afternoon visit. That's the first time the rest of my family has seen him since the divorce so that was....awkward.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing chores and getting things ready for Easter.

E.B. visited bright and early at 6:30 AM on Sunday (thanks, Ryan). Toys were played with, books were complained about (for not being toys) and much candy was eaten.

Then it was off to church to meet Mom for the 9:30 service. The flowers on the altar were in honor of my Dad - it being the 2 year anniversary of his passing. I have to say, it was kind of hard having that coincide exactly with Easter Sunday, but we got through it. Took the flowers up to the cemetery afterwards. It was NOT nice weather for us - gray, cloudy, windy and very drizzly. We had a hard time getting the flower arrangements to not fall over, but finally managed it.

A quick trip home to change and load up the car and we headed to my brother's house for Easter dinner: ham, sweet potatoes, crescent rolls, fruit and my Mom's fabulous deviled eggs. She makes 'em like no one else and I could eat an entire plateful!

Chocolate pie and pound cake for dessert and then we made it home just in time for pj's and bedtime.

Which is why I need 10 more hours of sleep!

Hope you all had a nice weekend...whether it was Easter for you or not!



Mellisa said...

Just my quick 2 cents (send me an email if you want the $10 version), after the school does their evaluation you have the right to disagree with it and have them pay for an independent evaluation.

Good luck :)

Pretty Things said...

I just want to come on over and make you sit with your feet up and cook dinner for you and let you have a day off.

I am so livid for you about the school district. I'll email you, too. And the phone thing? I'll bet I've lost my keys and my BlueTooth so many times when it was actually right in my purse... sigh.

Gardanne said...

Contact me via etsy and I will give you my email if you want even more information. If you had your child tested by a professional they have to take that testing into account. In fact there are certain tests that can only be given once a year, because the results would be altered if the child was familiar with the test.
Check out an advocacy center in your area, they can let you know what your rights are.
Early intervention with any learning disability is critical.
The older the kids get there is more of a stigma, they don't want to be pulled from class for help, and they get so behind that they are always playing catch up.