Thursday, July 28, 2011

California Coast Bracelet

In case I needed any further evidence of how much my environment influences my jewelry designs, here's a picture of what the beach looked like every day in Carpinteria:

And here are some photos of the one and only piece of jewelry I had time to create while I was there: connection whatsoever LOL!

I do think I'm going to change out the clasp - that just happened to be all I had with me in my "travel kit" of bead projects. The cute little charm is from Mamacita on Etsy.

I used 20 gauge sterling silver wire to wrap everything together.

The disk beads and the large faceted aqua bead are polymer clay from Floridity.

Accent beads are freshwater pearls, drilled sea glass, drilled beach stone, Thai silver scallop shell and a mother-of-pearl donut.

It sure felt good to get a chance to actually make something - I really am trying to get my groove back.

Check back tomorrow for bead porn!



Copper Diem said...

very pretty! love love love those colors.

TesoriTrovati said...

Bead PORN!!!!!
I am almost as excited for that as I am for Project Runway starting tonight.
(Oh, and yeah for getting your groove back. ;-)
Enjoy the day!

EmandaJ said...

Live the bracelet and it's inspiration -- gorgeous. And I am salivating for some bead porn!


CraftyHope said...

It's a beautiful bracelet!

Isn't it intriguing how much our environment can influence/inspire us without our noticing? I did the same thing on my most recent vacation. I just barely eked out two necklaces that were absolutely products of the locations I visited. And, I didn't even realize it until I sat back and looked at the pieces. WEIRD!

SueBeads said...

I love it! The colors are wonderful! I tend toward those muted colors, though!

Barbara said...

HOLY #$&*!@#!!!! This is up there with my favorite of anything anyone has ever made with my beads!!!! That looks awesome! I love how you broke up the cairns with the silver spacers!...and I love how they pair with the stone and sea glass!

Pretty Things said...

Looove it.

stregata said...

The colours are fantastic - just like an overcast day at the beach - takes me right back to childhood days...